Rage is a curious thing. Rage can drive a person to do great things, just as easily as it can as it can destroy them. In ‘Red Lanterns’ #2, Red Lantern founder, and resident brain trust, Atrocitus is pondering the meaning of rage and how one form of rage can be more important than another form of rage. It was all very existential and deep.

This search for how to find the perfect rage lead him to Ghan IX. It is a planet engulfed in rage, basically the “Universe in miniature”. It is a world full of conflict, heartache and pain. It is a planet being occupied by an invading force that only sought an end to the violence.

It is here Atrocitus seeks the answers he desires. It is here he finally gets back in touch with his rage-y side. IT is here he comes to a decision that will change the the Red Lantern Corps forever.

I said before in the review of Red Lanterns #1, I’m not really sure how this book stands a chance at being sustainable for more than 10 issues (at most). This issue doesn’t really do anything to prove me wrong.

The story ‘Red Lanterns’ #2 is a controlled car crash. It’s kind of out and there and deals with a waring planet where the fun does not end.

It is here Peter Mulligan turns Red Lantern, from epic space opera about a rage fueled Corps of some of the angriest folks in the Universe, to a philosophy lesson. The book feels a bit preachy about war and the unexpected victims.

I also wasn’t super crazy about Ed Benes’ Atrocitus. Gone are the ridges on his brow and hands that make him an alien power house of angry. He (Atrocitus) looks more human than ever, it is almost like they are trying to homogenize the look of the villain, because they don’t have faith in the book to stand on it’s own.

The redemption of this book, and what keeps this from being a borrow, is the ending. Atrocitus finally realized his rage has softened since Hal Jordan murdered the Mad Guardian Kronos at the end of War of the Green Lanterns. He also realizes he needs help to be the shepherd of Rage, and he decides to turn one of these faithful Red Lanterns into an almost equal by raising their brain function. This will lead us into next month’s story: The Decision; and I for one really hope he choses Bleez to be his second.

Verdict: Borrow

Red Lanterns #2
Writer: Peter Milligan
Penciller: Ed Benes
Inker: Rob Hunter
Colorist: Nathan Eyring
Cover: Benes & Hunter with Eyring