Two weeks ago, WB Animation released the first clip of the upcoming ‘Batman: Year One’. The animated film is based on Frank Miller’s 1987 comic book miniseries that details Batman’s first year as a masked vigilante on the crime ridden streets of Gotham City. So far, the film looks like it’s a pretty faithful adaptation. Today, we’ve got our second clip to whet our appetites for when ‘Batman: Year One’ is release on DVD/Blu-ray on October 18th.

‘Batman: Year One’ is directed by Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu (‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’) and stars Ben McKenzie (‘The O.C.’), Eliza Dushku (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’), Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’), Alex Rocco (‘The Godfather’), and Katee Sackhoff (‘Battlestar Galactica’).

Check out the previously release clip and teaser trailer for ‘Batman: Year One‘.