The season finale of ‘Warehouse 13’ comprised of 2 episodes yesterday and it was a not to miss event. Questions were answered and we are left with even more speculation as the season ended. Here’s a recap just in case you missed it!

(Warning! The recap does contain some spoilers!)

‘Emily Lake’

Claudia is frantically trying to cyber-locate where the signal that is transmitting from the Warehouse is coming from while Myka and Pete are actively looking for it in the Warehouse. Claudia is able to pinpoint the signal coming from near the art gallery where the gang finds nanites. They deduct that the nanites were planted on the Van Gogh painting that was retrieved earlier. The nanites are disabled but not before they downloaded a massive amount of data and transmitted it to Walter Sikes. Claudia found out that Sikes downloaded a file called Atlas 66 that is majorly encrypted. Jane states that this is a Regents use only file and refuses to tell them more only stating that the Regents have a plan in place.

Claudia finds out the name of the hacker in charge of downloading the files and gives Myka and Pete his location. In the meantime, Jane is talking to another Regent and tells him the less the other Regents know the better. She feels that taking out Sikes is not the answer. They need to know his end game or the Warehouse continues to be in danger.

Myka and Pete head to Tyler’s high school and see H.G. Wells as a teacher and conclude that Sikes needs H.G. Wells somehow for his plan. Myka approaches her but she acts like she doesn’t know her. With an American accent, she insists she’s not Helena and acts very different than the H.G. they know. When they check her ID, they see her name is Emily Lake. They introduce themselves as Secret Service investigating identity fraud and insist they visit her home. While there, they discover a connection between Emily Lake and Atlas 66.

Pete gets a vibe and sees that Mystery Man (aka Marcus) has come to Emily’s home. Myka takes Emily to safety while Pete stays behind to confront Marcus. A fight ensues and Marcus goes over the railing and falls 5 stories down to his death. When Pete finally reaches Myka and Emily in the parking structure, he sees that they are held at Tesla point by Steve. Suddenly, Marcus strolls up to join them. They grab Emily and Steve uses the Tesla gun on Myka and Pete and knocks them out cold. When Myka and Pete tell Artie what happened Claudia cannot believe that Steve is now working for Sikes.

Marcus tries to make Emily confess she is H.G. but she continues to insist she is Emily Lake. Steve tells Sikes that she is telling the truth – at least she believes what she is saying is true (and he should know considering his special power).

Artie and Jane tell the team that because of their last encounter with H.G., the Regents used an artifact called the Janus coin as a form of punishment. They would use it to give her a normal life but still be able to use her as an asset. Her memories of artifacts, Regents and Warehouses as well as her past were taken and stored in the Janus coin. The location of the coin is encrypted in the Atlas 66 file and the team goes out to retrieve it before Sikes can figure out where it is located. Unfortunately, genius hacker Tyler was also able to crack the Atlas 66 code and informes Sikes of its location.

Pete, Myka and Claudia head over to the Regents vault with a key and a grocery list. They are given a safety deposit box where they find a sphere. Claudia is able to figure out how the sphere works  when suddenly H.G appears saying, “Hello! What’s this? Another mission?” The team fills her in about what is going on.

Pete forms a plan to save the Warehouse but Myka is adamant not to go through with it. Pete tries to convince her it’s for the greater good but  Myka disagrees. H.G. sides with Pete but Myka thinks the price is too high. H.G. tried to convince her by stating that if they go through with Pete’s plan, Emily will be safe and the Warehouse will no longer be in danger. Just as he is about to go forward with the plan, he is unable to move as Steve appears using  Cecile B. DeMille’s riding crop that allows the user’s mind to control other people’s bodies. Steve makes Pete throw a rock at Myka to knock her out as Claudia grabs the Janus coin and runs. Steve goes after her and Claudia finally tells him that if he wants it, he will have to shoot her. Shots are heard and Steve returns to where Myka and Pete are with the coin.

Myka and Pete go looking for Claudia and when they find her, she is safe. She tells them what Steve told her about his involvement with Sikes.  The team prepares for the final showdown as Sikes places the Janus coin in Emily’s palm returning H.G. Well’s mind back to her body. Myka, Pete and Claudia get to the airport hangar where Sikes had his HQ but no one is there. Pete discovers something horrible upstairs and as he comes back down, he tells the girls they need to leave. Sensing something is wrong, Claudia runs past him up the stairs into an office and screams. Myka follows and they see what disturbed Pete so much.


Back at the Warehouse, the team is still in shock with their findings in the hangar office but more determined to find Sikes. From a media chip hidden in a lighter that once belonged to Steve’s father, they watch as Steve tells them what little he knows about Sikes’ operation and that Sikes has booked a trip to Hong Kong. Jane tells them that this may be the last piece of the puzzle as Hong Kong is the location of the ancient Regents Sanctum. Pete and Myka head to Hong Kong wondering why Sikes would need H.G. Wells when the Regents Sanctum was built during the era of Warehouse 7, centuries before H.G. was even born. Jane has no idea as all knowledge about the Sanctum was purged from all Warehouse records when it was finally shut down for good. The team determines that Tai Po is where the Sanctum and Sikes may be located.

In Tai Po, H.G. Wells leaves clues for the team in hopes she can be found. Once they do, they see Sikes has the riding crop controlling H.G. and Tyler is strapped in a chair playing chess. Tyler loses the chess game and Pete and Myka continue to look on in horror at what happens next. Sikes knows they are there and tells them to come out. While still controlling H.G. he makes her shoot at them when they refuse to put their guns down.

While held at gunpoint by H.G., Sikes tells Pete and Myka that the chess game is the Sanctum’s lock. It was developed by H.G.’s mentor, Cataranga. If you win the game the lock opens…if you lose, your skull opens from a guillotine set above the player. The secret to win the game is not in any Warehouse journals and since H.G. is the only living person who knew Cataranga, he believes she knows how to beat it.  To help jog her memory, Sikes has Myka trapped in the chess chair. Since H.G. spent hours playing chess with Cataranga, she is forced to direct Myka but each move just keeps putting Myka in check and one gear closer to being sliced. Then in a flashback, H.G. remembers something Cataranga told her and directs Myka’s next move which allows her to win the game and open the lock.

Meanwhile back at the B&B, Sikes’ henchman, Marcus, takes Leena captive and sets an attack on Warehouse 13 by firing an artifact cannon at it. The Romani shackle that Jane wore sensed the attack and activated a protective shield around the Warehouse. According to Jane, they were now safe as nothing and no one can get past the shield. All of the sudden, she gets a bad feeling. No one can come in, but what if they were already in the Warehouse?

The Sanctum walls are coming down and a portal begins to open that connects the Sanctum to Warehouse 13. Pete takes this opportunity to knock the gun out of H.G.’s controlled hand but before he can do anything else, Sikes makes Pete pull out the Tesla and use it against the girls. As the portal continues to grow, Sikes wheels through bringing Pete along and comes face to face with Jane and Artie. Sikes controls Pete and makes him shut the portal close leaving the girls in the Sanctum. He tells Jane that he is there to get back the Collodi bracelet. Once the bracelet is located by Pete, Sikes tells Marcus that he has the bracelet and to procede as planned. Just as he is about to kill Leena, Mrs. Fredrick steps in.  Marcus closes in on Mrs. Frederick and Claudia comes and saves them all with Johann Metzel’s metronome.

Back at the Warehouse, Sikes puts the bracelet on and as he stands he tells Jane he wants her to know what it feels like when someone you love is ripped away from you. He bends the riding crop and Pete begins to choke. Just then, Myka (who was able to open the portal and get through with H.G.) aims the Tesla at the riding crop but as she does, she knocks a part of the hanging rope from the Mary Celeste down which ties around H.G.’s body and neck. She tries to warn Myka not to touch the rope but too late.  Myka also becomes trapped. Artie sets them loose and a hunt for Sikes continues.

Sikes finds Jane and she tries to run away. As she does, she notices the portal was left open by Myka and H.G. and runs through it. Just as Sikes tries to follow her, Pete tries to prevent him but he gets loose and walks through. As he does, Pete shuts the portal down while he is in it. Jane tries to pull Sikes through but all she ends up with is the Collodi bracelet.

Everything seems to be fine but the barrier is still active indicating that the Warehouse is still in danger. The team finds a nuclear artifact device in Sikes wheelchair and it’s activated. Everyone is working frantically to figure out a way to keep it from exploding.  Just then, Mrs. Frederick notices Claudia’s changed demeanor and asks for the metronome back but Claudia refuses saying she is tired of the arbitrary rules set by the Regents and is going to use it for personal reasons.

Unable to deactivate the bomb, Artie, Pete and Myka prepare themselves for the blast. Just then a protective shield forms around the three. As they look, they see H.G. on the outside. She tells them she was able to direct the shield encompassing the Warehouse to surround them but she couldn’t be with them as is had to be activated outside the shield area. They all look at each other as the inevitable is about to occur. The three watch in their protective shield as the Warehouse and everything in it are decimated by the bomb. The blast shakes the entire area and at the B&B. Once it is over, Claudia and Leena find Mrs. Fredrick on the ground. Her body then begins to disintegrate before their eyes.

Pete becomes despondent with the knowledge that Sikes accomplished his goal and feels that the Warehouse team lost the battle. “We lost.” he says.  Artie takes out an artifact watch that MacPherson left him and says, “Not yet.”

This entire season of Warehouse 13 has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride of surprises and revelations and this finale seemed fitting. Although the cliff hanger was not as exciting as last year when Myka walked away, there is the sense of ‘where do we go from here now that all the artifacts are destroyed?’ What happens now that Mrs. Fredrick is gone? Is Jane replacing her? Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year when the series returns, but as an extra treat, we’ll be seeing the team during the holidays as they filmed a Christmas episode that will air in December!

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