There can be no denying that web series are very popular. With the success Syfy’s ‘Riese: Kingdom Falling,’ and now ‘The Mercury Men,’ Machinima is getting into the act with a new web series called ‘RCVR.’

‘RCVR’ follows covert government agents Sandy Bergson and Luke Weber as they seek to suppress the truth about extraterrestrial encounters. When not covering up UFO sightings and discrediting real evidence that aliens walk among us, the agents track down “RCVRs”; humans selected by an alien species to act as channels for advanced technologies.

These select few humans have been responsible for major scientific breakthroughs – from nuclear power to your latest console – and are the key to even more powerful technology: Time travel, limitless energy, even eternal life.

Tomorrow, the arrival of the new ambitious six-part weekly science-fiction series ‘RCVR’ hits the web courtesy of Machinima which involves conspiracies, cover-ups, spaceships, and maybe even some alien life forms.

According to the trailer, the premise is as follows; In 1972, a secret government unit was formed to suppress the evidence of Alien contacts. In each generation, one is chosen. Beyond Roswell, beyond Area 51, beyond belief.

The original Machinima Science Fiction series RCVR premieres on Machinima  tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/21. As more information on the web series comes in, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Here’s a look at the trailer for this fascinating new series;