Filming is continuing in Toronto on the set of ‘Total Recall’ and we have some great set photos and videos of what’s been filming.

You may recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 1990 movie of the same name was based on the Philip K. Dick story ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.’ But, according to producer Neal Moritz, this movie (unlike Schwarzenegger’s) will be closer to the book and won’t be going to Mars.

The plot of this ‘Total Recall’ has the nation states of Euromerica and New Shanghai vying for supremacy. Factory worker Douglas Quaid suddenly begins to realize he is a spy but for which side? In the meantime, Vilos Cohaagan, the leader or Euromerica, is secretly readying an attack on New Shanghai under the guise of protecting his people. Is Quaid part of this attack or is he supposed to prevent it?

While I’m a little tired of reading about all the remakes of some already classic movies (have we learned nothing from the remake of ‘Psycho’?) the photos and videos below do show it has potential. The 1990 original is a great classic sci-fi film winning several Saturn awards and won a Special Achievement Oscar award. This version will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

‘Total Recall’ is being directed by Len Wiseman who has also directed ‘Underworld’ and ‘Underworld: Evolution’. Colin Farrell will lead the cast playing Arnold’s character Doug Quaid/Hauser with Jessica Biel as Melina and Kate Beckinsale taking Sharon Stone’s role as Lori. The screenplay was written by Mark Bomback (‘Live Free, Die Hard’, ‘Deception’), James Vanderbuilt (‘The Amazing Spiderman’) and Kurt Wimmer (‘Salt’) and is set in a real world setting with intense technological advancements. The movie is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2012.



 (photos courtesy of Coming Soon and Sci Fi Mafia)