Looks like Zack Snyder is allowing spectators closer to the set or people are getting better camera lenses because we have close up pictures of Superman himself!

The suit looks a little odd without the cape and fans are still torn about the new look. I will say, though, that Henry Cavill does have the look of Superman – even with what looks like a muscle suit underneath the costume. But what do you think?  Now that you have a closer view, you can make a more objective decision. Do you miss the the red undies and yellow belt?



Below are a couple shots of the stunt doubles working. The first shot gives you a great look a the vibrant redness of the cape and the second shot are the stunt people working on a scene. Word has it that the guy in the motion caption suit will be CGI’d into an 8 foot alien and the head gear is a visual reference for the actors to look at.

 (Thanks to The Man of Steel 2013 Facebook page, Amy Snyder Weiland and Zarina Romanov for the pictures.)