After learning about her father’s plan to murder millions of people, Traci 13 turns to her mentor, Xanadu, for help. But when Xanadu’s immortality has reached its end, Traci is left stranded. Teleporting from continent to continent, at the behest of Xanadu’s tarot cards, she only has a matter of time to follow the clues and find the guidance she needs to stop her father.

If there was one word to describe the second outing of World of Flashpoint, it would be frantic. Frantic pace. Frantic story. Frantic stakes. Traci 13 is trying to stop a H.I.V.E. genocide and stop a war all at the same time. No easy task for a teenage Homo Magi (that’s magical person in DC Universe).

I’ve said this before, but I really like the way magic is handled in the DCU. Traci 13’s jaunt around the “world of Flashpoint” was a great insight into just how messed up the world is without Barry Allen and the Speed Force.

Traci’s tour of the world led us to some of the missing heroes in the Flashpoint. On her tour we get to meet Red Tornado, who is protecting Japan from the meta-war. Circe, imprisoned for trying to expose the Amazonian conspiracy that lead to the assassination of Hippolyta.

She also meets some characters who are quite different from their regular continuity alter-egos. First, Guy Gardner. He runs a bar called Warriors, but it’s a neutral zone of sorts and he is all zen-like and Buddhist. It’s nice to see he is not angry and gotten past his rage issues. Second, Jason Todd! That’s right Jason Todd has made his appearance in the Flashpoint. Is he a villain? No! Is he a hero? He is a frakin’ priest! That’s right, (let me type that again for you) Jason Todd is a priest in the Flashpoint. How amazing is that? Without Batman’s crazy influence and mission, he may have started out as a bad kid but then he found his way to the light and is doing well as a hero of sorts giving Traci 13 a pep talk when she needs it most.

I’m loving this book. The twist at the end of the book is not totally surprising, but it opens the door for the finale and possibly an end to the meta-war tearing the Earth apart. This has been one of the better Flashpoint tie-ins, because it has shown more of the world than any of the other books. I’m not sure if Traci 13 will be in the DCnU. But with The Dark Line and dealing with the magical side of the DCnU it would be nice to see her pop up in some stories from time-to-time.