It’s absolutely amazing to see what’s been unfolding in Westeros these days.  ‘Thrones’ has come such a long way from when it first premiered.  Having gone from character building to nonstop action, we see the men and women of importance forever changed by the course of events.  We’ve watched the death of the King (and now Ned, it seems) and the struggle for the throne has commenced.

The finale airs tonight at 9 pm on HBO. You won’t want to miss it!  So many questions remain (well, at least for me since I haven’t read the books yet).  Will Robb retaliate for his father’s death?  Will Jon decide to leave The Wall?  Will that inbred little brat Joffrey finally get what’s coming to him?  How are Drogo and Dany going to fair in all of this?  Are the Stark girls to be forever prisoners of the Lannisters?  There’s only one way to find out… watch the finale and chat with me about it!

I’ll be on at 8:30 pm gearing up for the show.  You can find me @ScienceFiction.  Be sure to use the #gameofthrones hashtag so I can find your comments that much easier!