If you missed the finale of ‘Camelot,’ you’ll want to continue reading. There was so much excitement in just an hour, and things will never be the same in King Arthur’s kingdom.  Plus with the liberties Starz has taken with the legend thus far, you never know just how far they’ll change things.  In any event, let’s continue.

The last episode left Arthur at Bardon Pass.  He’s defending himself against men whom he believes to be raiders, but we know them as Morgan’s mercenaries.  Using a series of ingenious traps, he’s able to dwindle their numbers down to next to nothing.  And, much to his luck (or perhaps skill) he captures one and through a series of torture and threats he’s able to discern that Morgan is their employer.

I don’t know about you, but this scene is just wanted I needed to see Arthur transform into the man everyone needs him to be.  It’s right here he transforms into the protector of the realm.

Morgan and her entourage arrive at Camelot.  She’s able to convince the residents to lock Merlin up in the stocks and have Igraine restricted to her chambers.  She makes her way to Arthur’s chambers where she receives the news of Arthur’s death and is handed his sword.  She pretends to mourn him.

Meanwhile Arthur is very much alive and kicking.  He’s still repelling the invaders but they’re becoming more aggressive.  Just when we think Arthur’s met his end, his knights return and defend him.  Camelot’s knights defeat them and cheer in the aftermath.  Unfortunately it was too early to celebrate.  Harwel, the leader of the mercenaries, shoots an arrow at the King, and Leontas steps in front and takes the hit.  His final act was protecting Arthur from harm and giving him his blessing to be with Guinevere (by telling him “Treasure her…”).  It really is a sorrowful scene.

Back at Camelot, Morgan adds one more evil deed to her list.   She visits Igraine in her chambers and stabs her so she’ll bleed to death slowly and painfully.  After doing so, Igraine tells her that she saved Morgan from being killed by her father, a truth that Morgan apparently finds disturbing and upsetting.

In any event, Morgan takes advantage of the supposed death of Arthur and goes into the courtyard.  Sybil sets the stage for Morgan to take over as Queen and the people agree.  Just as the crown is nearly placed upon her treacherous head, sole clapping is heard.  It’s Arthur!  He went away naïve and returned that much wiser.  He accuses Morgan of treachery and backs up his accusations with the testimony of the tortured mercenary now lying on the pavement in Camelot.  But something unexpected happens – the nun takes the fall and says Morgan knew nothing of the scheme. 

Arthur has had enough though.  His eyes have been opened, and he tells Morgan that blood is upon her hands.  The nun is beheaded by Gawain.
Igraine drags herself near the courtyard and dies in Merlin’s arms.  He attempts to use magic to save her but she wouldn’t allow it since it could kill him.  She asks him to watch over Arthur and dies.

Alone and mourning the death of her confidant, Arthur confronts his sister once more.  He strips her palace of his protection, his battle standard, and her birth name (Penndragon).  Distraught, she falls upon the grave of Sybil and begs for advice.  The wind answers and tells her she must become the mother of a king.

That night, Guinevere comes to Arthur’s chambers and goes to bed with him but we find out soon after that it’s Morgan disguised as her.  And thus Mordred is brought into the picture…

Hopefully there’ll be a season two!