Last time Booster Gold went toe-to-toe with Doomsday he had the full might of the Justice League of America to help out. He even took the first punch from a rage filled creature that eventually killed Superman.

The Flashpoint’s Doomsday is a mindless beast, but that’s not news. This Doomsday is a weapon for the Army, mindless and controlled by Nathan Adam (aka Captain Atom). Of course they know nothing about the beast, Booster Gold is his first real field test. It is funny whey they are studying the results of the battle and the Army is surprised when Doomsday comes away stronger than before. I really liked Doomsday’s suit it was like he had is very own superhero costume.

Anyway, while battling across Coast City, Booster Gold hides out in the apartment of Alexandra Gianopoulos. To save her life, Booster basically has to kidnap her and take her to a lakeside cabin to regroup. Little does Booster know, but the damsel-in-distress is not as “powerless” as he may think.

Using his knowledge of time travel and temporal anomalies, which he learned from Rip Hunter (who apparently doesn’t even exist in Flashpoint), he is able to locate an anomaly in Coast City. When he learns Batman still exists (wow is he in for a big surprise) he heads to Gotham City to track down the Dark Knight.

I really liked two things in this issue; 1) the fights between Booster Gold and Doomsday were pretty epic, especially when he blew up the Army’s communications plane essentially setting Doomsday free. Then 2) Booster put it together pretty quickly that Professor Zoom was responsible for this new timeline. Way to go for the Greatest Hero the World has Never Known. Booster also finds evidence of an anomaly at Wayne Manor, and I can’t wait for his confrontation with the Flashpoint’s Batman.

One thing I didn’t really care for… the blantant rip-off of Professor X’s Cerebro helmet Nathan Adam used to control Doomsday. It would have been nice if it looked at least a little original, but if that is all I have to complain about it is totally minor and doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Next month it looks like we we have a visit from the Batman. And Doomsday will take another shot at Booster Gold, but this time with no one pulling his strings. I can’t wait!