If you’re an avid reader like myself, you may have realized finding good books to read is becoming increasingly difficult.  Why, you might ask?   Due to publishing companies intent on turning profit, you’ll find that more and more stores are now stocked with books from established authors and pop-culture celebrities and less with enjoyable, quality books.  This is because they’re unwilling to take a chance on an author with whom they’re unfamiliar. But with many talented authors seeking alternative ways to publish their works, it is inevitable for a self-published or small press publication to become the next ‘reader’s favorite’ and a commercial success. B. Pine’s first novel, ‘Familiar Origins’ (Silver Leaf Books, LLC), is just that book.

‘Familiar Origins’ is a refreshing fantasy tale of five children growing up under the ominous scrutiny of a group of other-world dragons. Despite its genre, the story is a coming-of-age tale where the main characters begin the story as young children and grow up as best they can under the extraordinary circumstances they are in. An appealing tale for young adults as well as fantasy buffs, ‘Familiar Origins’ has a cross-genre appeal that will certainly draw a reader into the fantastic world B. Pine has created.

Having debuted in April to excellent reviews on Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com and Goodreads, ‘Familiar Origins’ is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and can be ordered through local bookstores. It is also available as a digital book through Kindle, and very soon, Nook. Buyers can also order through http://www.silverleafbooks.com, the publisher’s website.

For more information about the book, visit http://www.dracawards.com.