Good news for Halo fans everywhere… At their E3 2011 press conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced two new Halo endeavors.

After showing a short teaser trailer, they announced Halo 4 is under production. Featuring the return of series staple Master Chief, this new game is due out around Christmas 2012.

However, that’s not the only news they had to share.  It seems that this year will see the release of Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary.  This is a HD remake of the original 2001 Xbox game that kicked off the series. Expect to see this on game shelves November 15, 2011.

If that was all, it’d be news enough – but there’s more.  Microsoft also expanded the Kinect motion system, unveiling new experiences for it.  In addition, you’ll see sequels to best-selling Kinect titles such as ‘Kinect Sports’ and ‘Dance Central’ with kid-friendly titles ‘Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster’ and of course ‘Kinect: Disneyland Adventures.’ 

But Microsoft isn’t content to stop there.  They’re aiming to make Kinect a more meaningful part of more traditional titles. For example, ‘Mass Effect 3’ from EA, Tom Clancy’s ‘Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ from Ubisoft, and ‘Fable: The Journey’ will all use the motion system’s feature set — including voice commands — when they are released. And virtual Jedi Knights will soon get a chance to live out their Star Wars Kid fantasies by swinging lightsabers in the forthcoming Kinect Star Wars.

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