This is the second to the last episode of ‘Camelot’ this season, and if you missed this one you’re surely missing out.  So much happened that’s going to lead us right into the finale next week. So without further delay, let’s discuss what happened on Friday’s episode of ‘Camelot.’


The show picks up where last week’s left off – the two Igraines face to face in the court yard of Camelot.  Igraine thinks she’s seeing things and Morgan plays this to her advantage, telling her that she’s Igraine’s soul.  Not long after, Morgan transforms back into her original visage and flees Camelot on horseback.  Our beloved Igraine flees to her bedroom where she finds Merlin there.  She tells him what happened and he realizes that Morgan was there.  They vow to work together to reverse the damage Morgan did.

Guinevere and Leontas: 

Things are not looking good for this couple.  Since Morgan went and spilled the beans to Leontas about Guinevere’s indiscretion with the king, he’s been seething resentment toward her ever since.  And how can we blame her? She hid it from him and when asked, she even told him that she’d rather lie than tell him the truth of the matter and hurt him.  Most of the episode is Guinevere trying to profess her heartfelt guilt and begging for forgiveness from Leontas, but it doesn’t seem as though he’s interested.  He goes off to defend Bardon Pass, leaving her to stew in her own misery for awhile.

King Arthur:

What a mess he and Guinevere caused.  Leontas is hurt beyond belief and is lashing out at both his wife and Arthur.  Merlin is the first to know what happened; and I will tell you that I was thoroughly pleased by his response.  He punches Arthur so hard that he knocks him to the ground.  But it’s not just Merlin who’s angry – the rest of the men find out about this as well and they look upon their king with disgust.  Even Kay is absolutely irate by what Arthur has done.

Bardon Pass:

A young boy arrives at Camelot to tell Arthur that his town is being attacked, which causes the king to rouse his knights and go forward.  Merlin pulls Gawain aside and tells him to protect Arthur at all costs, even from his own men (due to the issue with Leontas). 
The battle at Bardon Pass ensues and Arthur agrees to stay behind so the others can escape to safety.

Morgan and the Nun:

They are gaining more and more influence with the commoners in the area and are feeding the people lies about Merlin and Igraine.  Unfortunately when the two arrive, they play right into Morgan’s act and the townsfolk begin to believe there’s something wrong with them.  Morgan arrests them and drags them back to Camelot in ropes.  Igraine asks Merlin if he’ll use magic to set them free but he declines because by doing so he feels he’d be walking right into Morgan’s trap.

The finale airs this Friday at 10 pm EST on Starz.  Don’t miss it!