Here’s some exciting Star Trek rumors from Deadline… he can’t get confirmation from Paramount as of yet, but it seems Mike Fleming was told that there’s interesting news from the Star Trek front. 

In his own words,  “The good news: With his film Super 8 set for release June 10, JJ Abrams is expected to announce shortly his return as director of ‘Star Trek 2.’ The bad news: Even moving at warp speed, Abrams will be hard pressed to make the June 29, 2012 release date that the studio set for the film. I’m told that the move being considered right now is to push Trek back for a Holiday 2012 release. This comes after Paramount pushed back the other franchise film in its arsenal that has Chris Pine as its star. Pine’s also playing Jack Ryan in the reboot of the Tom Clancy-created series. Pine was expected to shoot that film first, but the script wasn’t ready. Paramount hired David Koepp to rewrite Adam Cozad’s script. Koepp just began writing this week after completing his film Premium Rush.”

Is rushing ‘Star Trek 2’a good idea?  I mean, of course there are diehard fans that will love the film no matter what, but what about those who are looking for quality?  Will it be sacrificed in an effort to keep the release date or can Paramount manage making a Star Trek movie fans can be proud of while pushing through production at light speed?

Only time will tell.  In the meantime, stay tuned here for more information on this and other upcoming film projects.