Here’s some more zombie news for those who love anything that has to do with those flesh-eating monsters… Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son, has a book that’s been picked up by Mandalay for production and it sounds pretty interesting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mandalay has picked up the film rights to ‘Twittering from the Circus of the Dead,’ with casting and production to begin soon.

Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter had this to say about it: “Mandalay, Lincoln and Borrelli don’t want ‘Twittering’ to be the latest entry into the zombie genre, which is threatening to become ubiquitous and to jump the undead shark, and are planning a few surprise changes. Hill has given his blessing to the new approach and will be involved in its development.”

Apparently the story is written entirely from a teenage girl’s point of view.  As she embarks on a cross country trip with her family, she tweets about theirvacation gone horribly wrong and the zombies they run into along the way. 

We’ll definitely keep you updated with new information on this project as it becomes available so stay tuned!