The rumors are true. The DC Universe is rebooting. What will this mean for our favorite DCU characters? Do you have a book you are worried about losing? I know I’m worried about Batgirl, Red Robin and Emerald Warriors.

When DC announced they would be renumbering their entire DCU line with 52 number one issues, there were a thousand nerd voices screaming, tweeting and worried about what this will mean for their favorite characters.

DC got this rumor ball rolling when the August comic book solicitations came out and the final week of August only had one book; Flashpoint #5. So news of the reboot shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but it is still a little shocking to see the news finally released.

I have read articles and blog posts all over the web on the topic. I’ve even chatted with the proprietor of my local comic book shop (Queen City Comics in case you were wondering) ad nauseum on this topic over the past couple of weeks. And of all the ranting and ravings (mine included), I finally found an answer that suits me and helps me understand DC’s decision.

In a open letter to DCU fans, DC Comics co-Publisher Dan Dido had this to say:

“Folks, as you wonder and wait for the new series announcements to unfold, I just wanted to let you know that we are spending an extraordinary amount of time and energy to reinvigorate our line of characters and bring the best books possible for the widest audience possible. Sorry if anyone is feeling disenfranchised, especially since that’s not the intent. Quite the opposite, we are trying to create a place and story where older fans can point for new fans to start, whether in periodical, graphic novel or digital. A place where everyone can share in the excitement of the DC Universe.

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and there are a lot of great things that don’t need fixing. But we also saying that will not stand ideally by and let series run on inertia and let the industry fade around us. All of us here at DC love the form and the characters way too much for that.

Tomorrow we begin filling you in on all the excitement we have planned, plenty of real new to talk about and its time for everyone to join in the fun.

best, DD”

The whole renumbering kicks off in September with Justice League #1 and as mentioned above will feature 52 new #1’s over the 5 weeks that follow. I agree with Dido’s sentiment, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I am as guilty as the next fanboy for wanting characters to stay based on nostalgia. So the “rage” (for lack of a better term) I’ve felt has subsided into something more hopeful. It basically comes down to storytelling, and if this is how DC Comics feels they can tell us the best stories for $2.99 then so be it.

However, since this change is taking place I have a few requests. I’d like to see Dick Grayson go back to being Nightwing. I’d like for the Teen Titans to become a top selling book again and please give Roy Harper back his arm. One thing that could be interesting, but I know will never happen, is to keep the Booster Gold book going at the current numbering. That way if things aren’t working out they can always hop back into the current continuity and have Booster fix everything without the DCU being aware of the changes.