‘Star Trek’ fans, you  may or may not be happy to hear this.  It’s been about six years since any new episodes of ‘Enterprise’ have aired, which basically means you’ve been experiencing a dry spell.  Nothing new or imaginative has come out since then which is pretty disappointing.  But Cinema Blend is reporting that there may be a new ‘Star Trek’ project in the works, and it might be animated.

That’s right – your favorite ‘Star Trek’ characters could be reduced to two dimensional form soon. 

While nothing official has been announced, a short Twitter exchange took place recently that showed it was actually something that had been discussed previously.

It’s definitely not much to go on, I agree.  But the fact that they’ve discussed it means that it may very well be a possibility in the future.  Plus an animated series is much cheaper to create than a live action one, so the possibility of it happening is probably even greater if cost was going to be a hindrance.

Josh Tyler from Cinema Blend suggested the following, “Bottom line, even if they actually do get around to making another movie, Star Trek really needs to get back on television. Live action hasn’t really worked, but animation could. Here’s the best thing about doing animation: They could actually set the thing in the original series, in the same way the 1973 animated series was. Maybe even draw the characters to look like the original actors who portrayed them. Give me William Shatner’s young Kirk. Spock should always be played by Leonard Nimoy. Resurrect DeForest Kelly and James Doohan to play Dr. McCoy and Scotty in animated form.”

Definitely not a bad idea!  I would be willing to watch the animated series if they portray the original stars.

What do you think?  Would you watch a Star Trek animated series?  Stay tuned for more information on this story as it becomes available.