Sunday night’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ brought the Starks and the Lannisters that much closer to war.  It’s amazing to see both sides pitted against each other like this, and to watch them in action – plotting and scheming – it’s pure magic in action.

Let’s move forward and talk about what happened, shall we?

Ned Stark:Well, Ned is back as the King’s Hand again.  After being stabbed in the leg, he’s recovering in bed while Cersei and the King look on.  When he awakens, Cersei demands to know where her brother (Tyrion) is.  Ned doesn’t answer.  King Robert wants Tyrion returned; Ned demands justice against Jamie for killing his men.  Robert takes a moment to think and Cersei’s mouth opens with such smart retorts such as, “I mistook you for a king,” and of course my personal favorite “you should be wearing the gown and I the armor.”  This last one earned her a slap across the face by the King, who later regretted it when she left the room.  Anyway, Ned is told he’s to remain the Hand or it will be given to Jaime Lannister.

The king goes hunting and leaves Ned in charge.  While taking his place, Ned commissions Beric Dondarrion to slay The Mountain, thus stripping him of all titles and land due to his pillaging of lands. 

Tyrion’s Trial:The Lannister dwarf finally gets his day in court.  Petitioning Lysa for a trial, he gets what he wants.  She tries to outsmart him by saying her son would pass judgement – which would’ve been terrible for him because all the boy kept saying is that he wanted to see the bad man fly.  But Tyrion is always a step ahead.  He tells her he wants a trial by combat, and a mercenary steps forward to take his place in the fight.  Bronn defeats Lysa’s man which means Tyrion is free to go and there’s absolutely nothing Lysa or Catelyn can do about it.

Cersei’s Secret:Ned finally realizes why the previous Hand was killed, but it was the words of his daughter Sansa which helped lead him to the truth.  He begins packing the girls up and telling them they must go home when Sansa begins protesting. She insists she wants to marry Joffrey and tells her dad she wants to give him beautiful blonde children.  It’s then Ned realizes that every single son of Robert’s has always had black hair.  Joffrey’s hair is blonde.  Golden hair is a characteristic only to the Lannisters, which means Cersei and Jaime are having an affair.  Oh my.  Cersei’s in big trouble now.

Dany and the death of Viserys:

We see Dany playing with her dragon eggs in her tent.  She rests one of them in the fire, and then picks it up quite gently, obviously not feeling any effects of the hot coal.  When her maiden sees this, she runs over and grabs the eggs, thus burning her own hands.  Dany’s hands still remain unharmed from the fire.  Foreshadowing, anyone?

During a special ritual to give her unborn son strength, Dany devours a raw horse heart while the crowd cheers for her.  Viserys becomes more and more enraged as he watches the Dothraki people pour adoration onto his sister.  Like a spoiled child, he wants attention for himself and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get it.  He decides to purchase his own army and starts packing up Dany’s dragon eggs, but Jorah Mormont stops him from stealing them. 

Later Viserys intrudes on Drogo and Dany’s feast wearing a weapon which is strictly forbidden to the Dothraki when they’re on this hallowed ground.  He holds his blade to his sister’s stomach and threatens to rip out the baby if he’s not given his crown and army.  So Drogo does decide to give Viserys what he so desperately wants.  Dany’s husband melts Viserys’ gold belt and pours the content over his head, thus killing him.
Dany replies, “He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

Tune in Sunday at 9 pm on HBO to find out what happens next week!