It’s hard to believe it’s been a full ten years since ‘Smallville’ first aired.  It seems like it was yesterday when we saw a geeky adolescent Clark trying to maneuver his way through those awkward teenage years.  And now look at him!  He’s grown, about to be married (or so he was before last week’s episode) and he’s facing more important issues than the “Wall of Weird.”  In honor of ‘Smallville’ let’s take a look at its history, shall we?

When ‘Smallville’ first began back in 2001, Clark was a very young high school student who was realizing that he had unearthly powers.  Recognizing the need for guidance, Jonathan Kent stepped in and did his best to guide him through the process of gaining control of them. The first season of Smallville was basically what I’d call “Monster of the Week” episodes, none of which really contained any real type of story arc.  The major trouble Clark faced was discovering he was not like everyone else – because of his powers he needed to learn responsibility.  But beyond that he had to come to terms with the fact that he would probably never live a normal life.

But we already know his life doesn’t remain this simple.  During his high school years we see the love triangle develop between Lana, Clark and Chloe.  The “Wall of Weird” doesn’t hold as much importance anymore when compared to real life dangers that are affecting the people of Smallville on a weekly basis.  Lex Luthor, who was once considered Clark’s best friend, becomes his most formidable enemy. As we journey through the seasons we can actually see the strain between then as Lex moves toward the dark side, and it takes a huge toll on their friendship.

Lana and her antics of forever stringing Clark along romantically was a bit much at times.  But she did set the foundation for Clark and while she was his first love, we all know that his heart belongs to Lois Lane.

Speaking of, what a transformation she’s gone through!  Originally appearing in season four to help investigate the death of her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, Lois has moved from nosey “third wheel” to Clark’s main love interest.  Now they’re set to be married and the future is looking good for Lois Lane and her (Super)man, Clark Kent.

Martha and Jonathan Kent have had such an integral part in the development of his morals and character.  A simple farmer and his wife raised him to know right from wrong and how to find the good in everyone.  If Clark hadn’t been raised by such loving and compassionate parents, Smallville and the rest of the world would’ve found themselves in dire straights.

Of course how could we forget his other friends?  Chloe Sullivan has been there for him from the beginning, guiding and supporting him throughout the years.  Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) made an appearance later in the series and has always stood by Clark, even when they didn’t agree.  Tess is a bad girl gone good, and seems to be the only Luthor that has any semblance of a heart or conscience. And poor Jimmy Olsen, the quirky photographer for the Daily Planet – friend to Clark and Chloe’s love interest.

And now look at him!  Clark is all grown up.  Engaged to Lois Lane and now living in Metropolis, he is on the verge of accepting his destiny.  But of course there are those who are standing in his way – namely his former nemesis, Lex Luthor. 

CBR recently reported on the finale and their own Josie Campbell had this to say about it, “In preparation for the end, executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders spoke with CBR News and members of the press about the final episode, beginning with a screening of an unfinished promo for the two-hour finale. Without gong too far into spoiler territory, the promo highlighted the return of Chloe, Oliver Queen punching someone (possibly Clark) through a window, the planet Apokolips rapidly advancing on a collision-course towards Earth and Lois Lane decked out in full bridal gear, running down the aisle — in the wrong direction. The promo also showed Granny Goodness attempting to get Tess to join her side and a very quick shot of what appeared to be Clark’s first flight, sans Superman suit.”

How time flies.  Don’t miss tonight’s finale….finally we’ll have answers to our questions, we’ll know each person’s role and their destiny and how it plays out.  Be there at 8 pm EST for the 2 hour finale on The CW.