Friday’s episode entitled “Prophesy” is the last one until the series finale airs.  It’s hard to believe that it’s finally ending, but I suppose all good things must come to an end eventually.  We’re one step closer to Clark embracing his destiny and becoming the man he’s meant to be.  In the meantime, let’s go over what you may have missed.

Starting with the main plot, Clark and Lois are in her office.   She tells him that something’s happening – stores around the city are closing up and she’s not sure why.  While they work on this mystery, Clark reminds her that while she’s talked to her father about the wedding, he hasn’t extended the same courtesy to Jor-el yet.  So he whisks her off to the Fortress of Solitude where he approaches Jor-el.  He tells his father he wants to create a life-bond with Lois and she agrees.  Then, without any warning, Jor-el does something unexpected.  He transfers Clark’s powers to Lois.  He’ll get them back by sunset, his father promises.

Back home again, Lois is having fun with her new “skills” while Clark is trying to warn her about misusing them. She’s able to proceed through her work with ease and is ahead of schedule, reaching all deadlines in the near future.  It’s then she realizes that the shops that are closing are located on the water main.  They decide to investigate the one that hasn’t shut down yet.

Staking out the location from the street, Lois struggles as she hears countless people cry for help.  She wants to rush and save them, but Clark urges her to continue using her super hearing to listen to what might be happening inside the store.  Finally she does so and hears a woman cry for help.  Rushing in, they find a masked criminal assaulting the shop owner. Lois throws the “bad guy” through the wall but finds out it’s actually Courtney wearing a strange electronic device.

The next scene shows Tess, Clark and Lois studying the device.  They realize it’s some sort of equipment designed to aid in mind control.  Courtney doesn’t remember much but they realize who’s behind it.

Long story short, Lois confronts the bad guy who’s in an isolation unit of the prison, and he convinces her to wear one of those devices or Clark dies at the hands of dark superheroes under his control.  She dons it and goes after Clark but he’s able to stall her long enough until the sun sets.  His powers transfer back to her and all is well with the world.  Or is it?

Back at their apartment, Lois breaks down into tears and tells Clark that every time he spends time with her, people are forced to do without his help.  So what does she do?  She breaks off the engagement.  I’ll have some thoughts on this for you in a few minutes.

Now, the sub plot…Oliver tracks the location of the bow that can kill the darkness, and while in an underground labyrinth finds Kara, Clark’s cousin.  He frees her and they solve the riddles to find the bow.  Just when it’s revealed, Jor-el sends for her.  She tells him to retrieve the bow and give it to Clark.  Oliver just about gets the bow in his hands when that old nasty headmistress of Tess’ orphanage shows up and burns it into ash.  Nice.  She then forces Oliver to his knees and tells him that the darkness has great plans for him.  Then she performs some sort of magic on him which activates the Omega symbol on his forehead and frankly, looks a bit painful.

Kara is told by Jor-el that she has a decision to make – she can leave this time and go to another where she’s needed, or she can stay at Clark’s side and jeopardize everything.  Kara uses her time ring and leaves without saying goodbye to her cousin.

Now, I normally don’t do this, but here are my own personal thoughts.  This entire final season of Smallville has been filled with separate, stand-alone episodes that don’t bear much relation to each other.  When I knew this was going to be the final season, I had hoped that it would play very much like a movie – each episode moving closer to a major end point.  But instead we’ve seen many different stories and some resembling hit movies such as ‘The Hangover,’ ‘The Matrix’ and others.  Speaking strictly for myself, this entire season has been a disappointment.

Add to the fact that now Lois is calling off the wedding and it’s gotten to the point where it’s becoming disappointing to watch.  I don’t even want to watch the final episode now but I will so I can report on it.

I can only hope that the finale makes up for the let down this season has brought.  It airs Friday, May 13 and will be two hours long.