Episode 3 of ‘Game of Thrones’ aired last night and if you caught it you might’ve been surprised by how…uneventful it was.  There was no death, no sex, no dire wolves ripping out the throats of anyone who threatens the Stark children.  But it seemed to be a good time to build on some character development and that’s basically what happened.  Let’s do a quick rundown to catch up on what you may have missed.

Ned arrives in King’s Landing looking (and acting) a bit perturbed.  He sits down at his first meeting and finds out that the king will not be in attendance.  Even more disturbing he realizes that the kingdom is facing some serious debt.  They want to throw a tournament to celebrate Ned becoming the King’s Hand, but he says, “No way, Jose.”  Well, not exactly in those words, but you get the gist of the conversation.

Ned and Kingslayer (Jaime Lannister) run into each other and a tense conversation ensues.  Jaime is seen as both a hero and a betrayer of his oath for assassinating the evil King who killed Ned’s father (basically roasting him alive in his own armor – nice). 

Later we see Cersei lining up to get “Mother of the Year” award by teaching her son Joffrey that he can be an awful monarch and a cheating husband and still be respected.  Way to go!  She also tells him that he must marry Sansa and if he wants to bed painted whores or noble virgins, then that’s fine…as long as he procreates with her and makes little princes and princesses.  I’m just going to say right now that I’m so thankful this woman is not my mother-in-law.

Meanwhile we find Arya playing with a kitchen knife at the dinner table, and when Ned returns he asks her to go to her room.  Later he comes in to talk with her and finds she’s now playing with a larger blade – Needle.  He realizes her passion for sword fighting and hires a tutor to help her learn.  Seriously, what a great father!  He was progressive back in the days when it wasn’t cool. 

Now we find out that Bran is awake but is paralyzed.  He wishes he was dead but instead an old woman tells him stories about winter coming and the horrors that brings.  He just lays there and listens, in a seemingly depressed state.  Unfortunately he cannot remember anything and believes he just fell but his older brother doesn’t buy it.

Let’s not forget that Lady Catelyn is on her way to see her husband and attempts to sneak into town.  But she’s discovered by guards and brought to a safe location by her old friend Littlefinger.  Once there she shows the dagger to both Littefinger and Varys and Littlefinger tells her that it was once his and he lost it in a bet to the imp Tyrion Lannister.  Did Tyrion have her son killed? 

Littlefinger then approaches Ned and brings him to the whore house where Catelyn is but he starts choking him…why?  I’m not sure. But Catelyn peeks her head outside to show him that she’s really there, and he enters.  They talk and he brings him up to speed, and then she must return to Bran.  She’s not able to see the girls because of the danger that’s around them, but they kiss and say goodbye as she’s escorted back home again.
Now’s let’s head to the north.  Unfortunately Jon Snow hasn’t learned to play nice with the other children, and they’re pissed at him for besting them in sword fighting.  Later they gang up on him, but Tyrion comes to his rescue using his wit.  He then reminds Jon that they hadn’t had the same privileged background that he came from and he needs to be sensitive to that.  Apparently the lesson didn’t fall on deaf ears because Jon’s later seen teaching the men to improve the sword fighting skills.

There was only a very short scene with the Khalessi this week.  She orders the horde to stop to wander into the wilderness…for what?  We never find out.  But she winds up infuriating her brother who puts a knife to her throat.  For doing so, her faithful servants choke him out with their whip and ask permission to kill him, she refuses and he’s released.  However, for his haughty attitude toward the queen, his horse is confiscated and he’s ordered to walk the rest of the way.

It’s later discovered that the Khalessi is pregnant.  She’s learning the language and is cuddled up with her husband telling him that it’s a boy.  He asks, “How do you know?” and she replies with, “I know.”

There you have it!  Stay tuned next week for ‘Game of Thrones.’  It airs Sundays at 9 EST on HBO.