If you haven’t been watching ‘Supernatural,’ you’ve been missing out.  This season has brought with it a whole lot of weird.  Let’s go through the last episode to catch up on what you may have missed.

The show starts with Eve walking around a small town.  She touches the face of a young man and goes into a bar.  Once in there, she touches and kisses another man, and proceeds to touch others in there.  She locks the doors and breaks off the handles, leaving everyone stuck inside.  A battle ensures and we catch Eve in the corner having a drink and smiling.  What exactly is she up to?

Back at Bobby’s house, Dean is loading up some shotgun shells with phoenix ashes.  They’re not sure about the legend, but it’s the only thing they have to go on. In fact, Dean’s almost convinced it won’t work because he’s rubbed them on his arm and nothing has happened.  But as Sam points out, it might be like silver – it hurts the monster but not them.  In any event, it’s all they have so they decide to go with it.  But where is Eve?

Cass finds a friendly monster named Lenore who reluctantly gives them Eve’s location.  She begs to be killed because she cannot resist the sound of Eve’s calling and is tempted to shed blood once again.  While the boys try to convince her to keep fighting despite her begging, Cass fries her saying that the whole thing was dragging on for too long.

They arrive in town and set up shop in a diner.  Castiel’s powers are gone which means Eve is close.  Using a tablet, Bobby finds out that the town recently reported a mysterious illness to the CDC.  The victim’s name was Ed Bright.  They decide to go to the doctor’s office but they find out the good doctor is nowhere to be found, but Ed Bright is.  They find his body under a tarp in a shed.  What exactly is going on here?
They go to Ed Bright’s house and barge in.  What they find amazes them.  They discover a bunch of dead Ed Brights in the house, but one’s still alive.  When they address him as Ed, he says he isn’t – his name is Marshall even though he looks exactly like Ed.  He dies but before he does he tells the boys he had contact with a young woman who touched his friend’s face.  Eve.

Dean, Sam, Cass and Bobby head to the bar and when they walk in, they’re astonished by what they find.  The entire bar is littered with bodies.  With no name for these hybrid supernatural creatures, Dean calls them “Jefferson Starships” and the nickname sticks throughout the rest of the show.  But before they could do more investigating, the police come in and arrest Bobby, Sam and Cass. Dean slinks behind the bar counter and hides unnoticed.

At the station, our good guys realize that the police are “starships” and they attack them.  Dean arrives and helps and they leave one alive to interrogate.  While there they stumble upon two boys locked up in a cell who are meant to be “food,” and Dean decides to bring them to their uncle’s house.  Cass objects and says they should stay focused on the bigger picture, while Dean refuses and says that all he wants is to save a couple of kids.  They bring the boys to their uncle’s house and head back to town.

Once back, the Winchester boys find out that Cass’s interrogation of the hybrid was much more effective (and brutal) than Bobby’s.  But, they now have a location for Eve. And where has she been hiding all this time?  None other than the diner they’ve been going to since the inception of the episode!

With phoenix shells given to everyone, the boys go inside and ask Bobby and Cass to stay outside as “Plan B.”  When they go inside, Sam uses the camcorder setting on his smartphone and realizes that everyone in there is a Jefferson Starship.  Eve confronts them and demands they sit for a nice chat.  She explains that someone’s been killing her children and she’s back to protect them.  Who is that someone?  It’s Crowley.  Impossible, says Dean because he and Sam witnessed Cass kill him.  Oh, but he’s very much alive and he’s up to no good.  Eve tells them that his face is the last one she sees as her children are slaughtered by him. 

Dean refuses to believe she has a mother’s instinct so she turns into an image of their mother.  Eve/Mary says she wants to know Crowley’s location.  When Dean suggests Crowley wants the location of Purgatory, she responds that it’s not what he’s after at all.  She begins to share about souls and how they’re like miniature nuclear reactors.  Which means like Castiel, he can harness their power to fuel his own war machines.  Eve/Mary  has been working on perfecting a new kind of monster, one she can sneak past hunters undetected.  She reminds them of the young boy and his brother.  It’s then we cut to a scene where we see the younger brother turns the oldest and then they both attack their uncle.

Eve/Mary says she’ll let the boys and their friends live if they help her find Crowley.  Dean refuses to help her saying he doesn’t work for demons anymore.  She comes behind him and bites him but writhes in pain when she does.  It seems that Dean swallowed a shell-full of phoenix ash mixed with whiskey (gag!) and that kills Eve on the spot.  The other demons attack but Cass nukes them since his powers have returned with her death.  He even cures Dean of the bite from Eve, and transports them to the uncle’s house where they find the uncle and two boys dead.  Sulfur was present which means the two siblings were ganked by demons.

The scene then cuts back to the diner where Castiel sees Crowley.  Crowley looks at him and says how he’s getting tired of cleaning up his messes.
Right afterward the boys and Bobby are trying to ponder how Crowley could’ve survived Cass burning his bones.  Bobby hints that Cass might’ve gone bad, but Dean refuses to entertain the idea.

Oh no!  Our favorite angel has gone bad?  Tune in next week to find out more!