The end of ‘Smallville’ is nearly upon us.  With only two episodes left, who knows what’s in store for our friends?  Let’s go over what happened in Friday’s episode in case you were unlucky enough to miss it.  We’re watching the end of a series here, people.  Be sure to catch the episodes for yourself!

Lois and Clark are moving into their new apartment in Metropolis when suddenly an urgent message from Tess comes through their computer.  What could be so important that she needed to interrupt a romantic moment between the superhero and his soon-to-be wife?  Well, Slade is back from the Phantom Zone – he’s unconscious and unresponsive but he’s back nonetheless.

Who could’ve sent him back?  Clark realizes he needs to go into the Phantom Zone to find out.  Oliver wants to come with him and Tess encourages him to go, but Clark won’t have any of it.  He wants to go by himself and handle the issue on his own.  But as Tess beams Clark into the Phantom Zone, Oliver jumps onto Clark’s back and goes with him (sneaky, sneaky!).

They have a communication device on but very soon Clark finds out the crystal they need to get back is gone, and phantoms are coming for them.  During their struggle to resist the phantoms the device is broken and they lose all communication with Watch Tower.  This, of course, causes Tess and Lois to go into a tailspin as they have no idea what’s happening to our two favorite superheroes.

The phantoms bring Clark and Oliver to their leader who happens to be the one-and-only Zod.  Oliver is removed from the room by the phantoms as Clark and Zod have a conversation.  It’s revealed that Zod is majorly pissed at Clark for isolating him in the Phantom Zone. It’s also learned that Zod sent Slade back as a trap to lure Clark there.  Zod says they’re brothers but Clark refutes it and tells him they’re nothing alike at all.  Unhappy to hear this, Zod’s fist meets Clark’s face a few times and then he’s dragged outside to a fighting area.

An arena match ensues (not unlike one you’d find in ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’) and Oliver tells Clark he has to fight to the death.  Zod confirms this by saying it’s “kill or be killed.” 

In the meantime Tess works feverishly to try to reestablish contact and when Lois leads Tess away from the console, she’s able to see a counter in place.  This clock is counting down to self-destruct the portal to the Phantom Zone.  When she sees this, she’s beside herself.  She tells Tess to disable it but she refuses, saying it was Clark’s idea.  Lois then pulls a gun on Tess and orders her to disable the self-destruct mechanism, saying that being the wife of a superhero means never accepting defeat.

The scene cuts back to the Phantom Zone where it seems as though Oliver and Zod make a deal.  He’ll make Oliver a brother to him if Oliver defeats Clark.  What happens next is really interesting.   Clark and Oliver go head to head, and both take damage.  In the end, Oliver stabs Clark with a sword and Zod steps in to finish him off.  But before he does, Clark grabs the crystal from Zod’s neck and he and Oliver transport back to their own time, destroying the crystal in the process.

When they arrive, Clark’s fine but Oliver’s in bad shape.  Not only does he have physical injuries to deal with, but he now knows he has the “mark” on his forehead.  He asks Clark what would happen if one of them were to get the mark, and Clark says that the person would have to be locked up.  Oliver then decides not to say anything for now but goes on his own expedition, perhaps to find out how it can be removed.

Clark comes back to the apartment and finds a very upset but happy Lois.  He didn’t realize it at first but he and Oliver had been gone for three weeks.  It’s now two days before the wedding, but she never postponed it.  She asked him to never leave like that again without telling her because she’d rather spend eternity in the Phantom Zone with him than never know what happened to him back in Metropolis.  He agrees.

Only two episodes left until the series ends!  Be sure to catch ‘Smallville’ so you can see it unfold before your very eyes!