You know, ‘Smallville’ and ‘Supernatural’ aren’t the only ones having a stellar season.  Our vampire friends are up to their necks in trouble, and with the sacrifice so close someone’s bound to be a casualty.  But whom?  Before we go speculating away (Damon, maybe?), let’s go over what happened on Thursday’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

The show starts with Caroline visiting Matt at the Grill, trying to get him to hang out a little with her during his break.  He makes lunch plans with her and he is obviously still aware of her being a vampire and seems to be ok with it (or is he?).  As she leaves, we see Matt sit down with the Sheriff Forbes who tries to get him to see her daughter for what (she believes) Caroline really is – a blood thirsty killer.  But Matt isn’t convinced, and doesn’t want to help the Sheriff any longer.  Way to go, Matt!

Apparently one of the errands Caroline had to run was to visit Tyler’s mom in the hospital, who was thrown over a balcony by Klaus’ crew to lure Tyler back.  The two run into each other in the parking lot at the hospital and all three – Caroline, Tyler and yep, Jules too – are abducted.   They’re put in underground cells and are held captive there.

Let’s get to the main story line here.  Klaus wants the sacrifice to happen immediately.  Damon tries to appeal to him to postpone for another month but Klaus refuses to entertain the idea.  So Elijah comes to Elena with a potion.  Supposedly it has magical properties that will resurrect her when she dies in the ritual.  Of course it’s not 100% guaranteed, but the odds are as good as they’re going to get, right?
Well, apparently they’re not good enough for Damon.  He has a heart-to-heart to try to convince Elena not to move forward.  Elena tells him that it’s her life and if she dies then that’s fine with her.  Being the selfish (but caring in a weird way) vampire that he is, Damon pierces his own wrist and forces Elena to drink the blood.  Now if she dies, she’ll be brought back as a vampire. 

Elena’s beside herself with grief, but doesn’t let it show until she and Stefan spend the day alone climbing a hill and reflecting on the day’s events.  She stays strong until she gets to the top. It’s then she melts into tears and cries, “I don’t want to be a vampire….I don’t want to be a vampire…”  Very, very touching.  Unfortunately, she knows she has to go forward and when they arrive back Klaus is waiting for her.  She kisses Stefan goodbye and goes with him.

To complete the sacrifice Klaus needs to take the lives of a vampire and werewolf.  Damon tries to right the wrong he did to Elena by forcing the postponement of the sacrifice. How?  With some information he received from Katherine (who’s being held captive by Klaus), he finds them in their underground cells.  But who else arrives?  Matt, and he’s armed with wooden bullets.  Damon knocks him unconscious and frees Caroline and Tyler from their cells.  Unfortunately it’s not before Tyler starts transforming into a werewolf. So they all leave him and run for cover.

Damon thinks he saved the day but he couldn’t be more wrong.  Klaus was prepared and already has another werewolf and vampire in holding just in case something like this was to happen.  Who are they?  Well, the werewolf is none other than Jules (I assumed so).  But who’s the vampire?  Klaus leaves without telling Damon.  He asks Katherine and she tells him that Elena’s Aunt Jenna was turned.  Damon, visibly upset, asks why he wasn’t chosen and it’s then we viewers get to see the werewolf bite that Tyler inflicted on Damon’s arm.  He’s not a good specimen for the sacrifice because according to Klaus, Damon is “as good as dead.”

So many questions left unanswered!  Will Elena be turned into a vampire during the sacrifice?  Will Damon die from the werewolf bite?  Will Aunt Jenna remain a vampire?  Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out more!