‘Supernatural’ is back on the air again!  If you forgot to watch it on Friday, you can get the scoop here – be warned, this will contain spoilers.

Do angels lie?  Apparently they do – well, at least Castiel does.  But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning…

Mysterious deaths begin to plague a town in Pennsylvania.  At first it looks as though there might be a family tree connection, but when other people start dying, it becomes clear it’s not a family curse or vengeful spirit.

Enter Bobby and the boys.  Our favorite father figure is wallowing over Rufus’ death in a gallon of whisky and some papers that might give a hint about Eve.  The boys aren’t sure who should say something, so in a game of rock-paper-scissors Dean wins and Sam’s the unlucky one who needs to confront him.

As they try to reason with him, Bobby won’t have any of it.  They even attempt to bring him out on the PA case but he refuses.  As they leave to investigate the case, we find out a very interesting tidbit of information.  They’re on a different timeline because Ellen and Jo are still alive, and Ellen is married to Bobby.

While the boys investigate the deaths, they can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason for it.  But they do discover gold thread at each of the scenes.  They call home to get more information.

Ellen tells them that these unusual deaths are happening across the nation, and they seem to be connected to the Titanic.  None of them are familiar with this ship, so as they do more digging they find out that it nearly hit an iceberg but a man named I.P. Daily saved it from peril.  The picture of the “hero” was none other than Balthazar.  They summon him for further information and he admits that yes, he did keep the ship from sinking and by doing so the timeline is different.  Unfortunately Fate knows that the decedents of those who should’ve died on the ship should not even technically exist right now and she’s eliminating them one by one.  They also find out that Fate is especially angry with them for rendering her obsolete through bringing on the Apocalypse.

The boys call Bobby to share the news and tell him not only what Balthazar did, but the fact that Fate is now involved.  Bobby tells them they should sink the boat, but when they warn him that Ellen and Jo would no longer exist, he tells them to do whatever they can to prevent the Titanic from sinking.

As they walk through the town trying to avoid death at the hands of Fate, she catches up with them and starts to drop a large machine on them from overhead.  Castiel appears and stops time and has words with Fate.  It is then viewers learn that Cas gave the order for the Titanic to stay afloat because he needed 50,000 more souls to fuel his heavenly war machine.

Balthazar appears and he and Cas agree reluctantly to sink the Titanic to keep Fate from becoming an increasing menace.

In the next scene the boys wake up in their car from what they think is a dream but Cas appears and shares the fact that what happened was real.  Rather than admit to the boys what his real plan was, he tells them that Balthazar saved the Titanic because he hated a particular song sung by Celene Dion.  They walk inside to find Bobby asleep on the couch and decide against telling him what happened.