If you thought surviving against a bunch of blood thirsty aliens or predators was hard, winning a copyright lawsuit can prove to be even more difficult.  You could imagine how trying things have been for the producers of ‘Alien v. Predator’ when they were slapped with copyright claims by writers who claimed to be the first to conceive of the idea, but a judge ruled that there were no substantial similarities between the two works.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Los Angeles judge was given the opportunity to review a lawsuit that was brought forth by James Muller against Twentieth Century Fox for allegedly using his script as the basis for ‘Alien vs. Predator.’

Unfortunately for the plaintiff, in a decision on March 30, the judge didn’t see it that way and found Muller’s script, titled ‘The Lost Continent,’ and the film’s script to “tell two very different stories.”

As we already know, the Fox film was about a battle between extraterrestrial creatures.  On the other hand, ‘The Lost Continent’ was about “a government-led expedition to the Antarctic to investigate a mysterious structure below the frozen surface, a secret plan by a group called the ‘Freemasons’ to recover a powerful crystal from the ancient city of Atlantis, and attacks by stone gargoyles come-to-life.”

When Muller claimed that the dialogue was actually quite similar, the judge ruled that it wasn’t nearly so, and thus dismissed the case.

You can find a copy of the lawsuit here.