A new sci-fi psychological thriller is in the works, starring screen legends Malcolm McDowell and Dean Cain.  The film is being produced and shot entirely in Colorado this spring, in the months of May and June.

Based on an original screenplay by Mark Daniels, ‘Mind’s Eye’ is a sci-fi psychological thriller that explores the collapse of space and time through the eyes of Mattie Carver, a young high school musician. ‘Mind’s Eye’ will feature Malcolm McDowell as the unpredictable orchestra director. Dean Cain, widely recognized for his role as Superman in the television series ‘Lois & Clark,’ will portray the handsome but insecure science teacher who unravels the mysteries beneath a series of strange, inexplicable events.

Producer Meryem Ersoz is bringing an unprecedented level of star power to a local Boulder film production. “These are outstanding actors who are both well-known to sci-fi audiences. Malcolm McDowell has a magical, wizard-like quality and will bring that essence to the film. And Dean Cain has a terrific screen presence. He will bring the right mix of strength and vulnerability to his character.”
The film will be shot entirely in Colorado, using several of Boulder’s prime outdoors locations. Ersoz points out, “Boulder is such a beautiful, under-photographed place, and no one has ever recognized its gothic possibilities in a film before.”

This will be the first feature film under the management of Black Wing Digital, a new feature film venture in Colorado. The new label will focus exclusively on mind-bending media. Ersoz has worked on several feature film sets in Colorado previously and owns Red Pine Studios, a commercial production studio, as well.

The film will also be the first local live-action film to shoot 3D. The film will be mostly shot in conventional 2D but will contain a central 3D component. The central scene, shot in 3D, will contain internal cues for audience members to put their glasses on at the right time. “We designed the scene to be very organic to the story and to make a strong contribution to the surreal, sci-fi effect we are trying to create,” says Ersoz. Black Wing Digital will be introducing new lighter and more mobile cameras and newer, more efficient 3D technologies to shoot the scene.

Mind’s Eye will be part of a slate of films introduced in the fall which are intended to help draw attention to an emerging film industry in Colorado. Ersoz comments, “My collaborators and I, including our Colorado director, Mark Grove, are thinking bigger than any single film. We are here to build and sustain an industry, for the long haul.”