Dragons. Magic. Good versus evil. A battle of epic proportions awaits.  Are you game?

‘Drakensang Online,’ a new free-to-play MMO that’s up for release some point this year, combines the best game elements of an action RPG with an MMORPG and makes it possible for players to enjoy all these spectacular features directly in their browser without any annoying client download or installation.
‘Drakensang Online’ players don’t only jump into the world of ‘Drakensang Online’ faster, but also experience breathtaking battles more intensely and at a quicker pace than in classic MMORPGs. The dynamic combat system based on hit detection will make the game more transparent, eliminating complicated stat calculations and replacing them with direct combat values.

A key point of interest in the development of ‘Drakensang Online’ is the revised game rules, which promise RPG fans the depth of play that they’ve been hoping for. Each character class will have wide array of elements to choose from, which will continually be expanded upon – thus granting different skills, strengths and weaknesses to every player. Besides the endless customization options, ‘Drakensang Online’ tells a enthralling story. A vast sum of quests to complete, items to be found, battles to win and distant lands to explore are all part of the player’s experience in the kingdom of Duria.

In this mystical world full of peril and wonder, long-forgotten, ancient creatures have started to re-emerge from the shadows of history. After witnessing the rise of humankind to dominance, their kind was pushed to the brink of extinction and forced into refuge. Their world crumbled and a new empire was born. Yet time has broken the order that was meant to last for an eternity.

Dark minions have gathered their strength and unleashed humanity’s oldest foe: The dragon. Filled with wrath built up over two thousand years, they now wage war on the world. A new era is dawning and humanity desperately needs heroes to fight for the survival of their kind.

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