Finder is a science fiction comic, and the blurb on the back of the book says that it is the best one being published today.  I haven’t read enough sci-fi comics to say whether it’s the best, but it is definitely gripping and fascinating.  Finder has been around since 1996, and the newest graphic novel – Voice – is intended as a good place for new readers to start.  I’m a new reader, and now I long to go back and discover new Finder stories.

Voice follows Rachel Grosvenor as she goes through her clan’s “conformation process.”  On the surface, it is a a beauty pageant, but it has many layers.  She lives in a society defined by clans; Rachel  has grown up not really belonging anywhere.  This pageant could change that.  This is a story about finding your place.  Regardless of the type of world you live in, anyone can relate to this.  It’s the first big step out of childhood, into the streets, and you try and hope to land on your feet. 

I was a little confused at the beginning of the story because I am new to Finder, but if you just hang in, it becomes more clear.  The author also includes notes at the end of the book that will help you untangle some meaning.  I was pulled into this world.  It has bizarre standards and customs – like for example the Llaverac clan’s love for gender anonymity.  You’ll keep turning the pages in Voice to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to see what Grosvenor does next.  It is an intricate tale, and Carla Speed McNeil is a master storyteller – with her words and art.