Genre films held 8 of the top 10 spots this weekend at the box office.

Action thriller ‘Limitless’ took the top spot with $19 million while ‘Rango’ held onto the second spot again with $15.3 million in its domestic gross this weekend.

Last week’s number one film ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ took third with $14.6 million. The alien invasion flick raised its domestic box office tally to a very respectable $60.6 million.

New entry and sci-fi comedy ‘Paul’ took fifth with $13.1 million.

In sixth place was ‘Red Riding Hood’ adding $7.2 million and bringing its domestic total to $25.9 million. The Philip K. Dick based ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ took seventh and added an additional $5.9 million to bring its domestic total to $48.7 million. The Disney animated film, ‘Mars Needs Moms’ dropped to eighth place taking in just $5.3 million. Costing a reportedly $150 million to make, ‘Mars’ will most likely be one of the biggest write-offs ever for a major studio film. ‘Beastly’ took the ninth spot adding $3.2 million to its domestic box office total of $22.2 million.

1. ‘Limitless’   $19.0
2. ‘Rango’    $15.3
3. ‘Battle: Los Angeles’  $14.6 
4. ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’  $13.4
5. ‘Paul’    $13.1
6. ‘Red Riding Hood’   $7.2
7. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’  $5.9
8. ‘Mars Needs Moms’  $5.3
9. ‘Beastly’   $3.2 
10. ‘Hall Pass’   $2.6