Annihilators is a four-issue limited series from writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with artists Tan Eng Huat and Timothy Green II bringing together the Silver Surfer, Beta-Ray Bill, Quasar, Gladiator and Ronan the Accuser as they come together to “fill the void left by the loss of Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy”.

“The Annihilators is the cosmic dream team…the biggest hitters forming the most powerful super-team in the known Universe!” said DnA. “Prepare to feel the Cosmos shake!”

Every issue of Annihilators features two full-length stories—that’s over 40 pages of all new content from your favorite Cosmic creators! In the second story, join DnA and artist Timothy Green II as they launch Rocket Raccoon and Groot on an adventure that’ll change their lives forever. In commemoration of this can’t-miss story, this issue also features a variant cover from legendary creator Mike Mignola!

In Annihilators #1 we get to see the team coming together, they are then tested by one of the legendary Spaceknights. In this story she is used to open the eyes of the team, because the previous group of Guardians struggled due to a perceived lack of strength, she believes this team will will surely fail for another reason; they are much too strong. Not too strong as a team, but as cosmically powerful individuals.

When it comes to the Annihilators the reason I picked this book up was the inclusion of Beta Ray Bill and the Silver Surfer (both personal favorites). The reason I liked this book was the way each of the Annihilators was tested by the Spaceknight (oh and the inclusions of Cosmo the dog). The other reason to pick up this book… Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. They are a great team and writers that should be followed to whichever book they are writing, Annihilators is no exception.

A lot of this book reminds me of DC’s Legion of Superheroes, not in the current form, but from all the way back in the beginning. We’ve got five uber-powerful heroes brought together to help make the Universe a better place.  The other big thing about this book that I liked… Doctor Dredd. It seems like he will be a great villain for this team, he even goes so far as to cut the Silver Surfer (I mean really who does that?).

If you are a fan of super teams, check this book out. If you are a fan of super powered villains handing a super team their lunch, check this book out. Finally, If you are a fan of a hero struggling to find his confidence after coming back from the dead (Quasar, I’m looking a you), check out this book.

The Rocket Raccoon & Groot story by Abnett & Landing with artwork by Timothy Green II, was a fun little story about a once great hero (and now mailroom schlub) Rocket Raccoon. I really enjoyed reading this back up story, it was a great bonus to the Annihilators and was a lot of fun leaving you with a cliffhanger ending that should be interesting in subsequent stories.