After a week off the latest episode of Cartoon Network’s ‘Young Justice’, “Downtime” takes us on a trip under the sea. Not to visit Flounder, Sebastian and Ariel, but to the mystic city of Atlantis, home to Aqualad.

After a disastrous training exercise with the team, Batman asks Aqualad returns to Atlantis to choose between a life on the surface world or one beneath the ocean. Aqualad’s past and present come crashing together when he must confront his feelings and his duty. But there are other forces at work that may make Aqualad’s decision for him.

“Downtime” is very much an Aqualad-centric, but the rest of the team gets their screen time in the episode. When Batman sees Robin pushing himself past the breaking point, he takes the time to give Robin a break from training with a spirited 1 on 1 basketball game. Meanwhile, we see Wally visiting with his family (including Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash) to celebrate a birthday and a nice dinner. Because they live in Mount Justice, Superboy and Miss Martian are shown having a nice evening in front of the static filled TV and an attempt at making dinner. Arrowette is seen at home truing her arrows when her mom comes in the room to inform her she has won a prestigious scholarship to a private Gotham high school. After a bit of arguing and the threat to curtail her superheroine ways Arrowette finally agrees to change schools making her mom happy.

Ok enough about the rest of Young Justice, this episode is about Aqualad and his conflict. Sea or surface? It was really cool to visit Atlantis, and upon arrival to hear Aquaman and Aqualad go back and forth in Atlantian. In Atlantis we learn more of Aqualad’s backstory and how he became Aqualad. As an added bonus we also get to meet the Aqualad of my youth Garth, who is simply Tempest in the Young Justice-verse.

This episode had at lot of everything. There was action, a love triangle, a baby announcement and possibly a Starro sighting. Cartoon Network is serious about using as many DCU characters as possible; this week they added Black Manta, Mera (who was crazy powerful), Tempest and Aquagirl to the mix.

After eight episodes, my excitement for this series continues to grow. I can’t wait to see which villains and heroes they use each week, and I really like how they are doing a different take on a few of the heroes (Robin in a non-leadership role for one). I am however, ready for the team to get going on some missions and to learn more about the villainous Light. After a week off it was nice to have our favorite teenage heroes back in action so make sure to check out Downtime. Young Justice can be seen on Cartoon Network each Friday at 7:00 PM EST so set your DVR’s now.