According to Deadline, Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes (known for its oasis and not desert of ideas) has picked up the rights to JT Petty’s spec script based on the Ashley Wood/Chris Ryall comic book, ‘Zombies Vs. Robots’. Not to be confused with ‘Robots Vs. Zombies’. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Based on the IDW comic book, ‘Z Vs. R’ follows a yound girl who is the last human survivor on Earth…wait for it…wait for it….she’s protected by a group of robots….wait for it…wait for it…who are being attacked by zombies. And not just your garden variety zombies. No, these are intelligent and evolved zombies, much like Sarah Palin.

If there’s just one human survivor, is it really worth protecting her? Doesn’t that usually mean the end of a species? I mean shouldn’t we just let the next dominant species have their turn? Say Planet of the Apes…or Planet of the Dolphins or maybe (sounding like a big echo chamber) Planet of the Sharks. It could even be a hit on the Zombie Discovery Channel.