How would you like to have the ‘The War of The Worlds’ in the palm of your hand? No, we’re not talking about the book, though it is a fascinating read. zGames, the mobile games division of Softeq Development Corporation, has announced the launch of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of ‘The War of The Worlds: Minigame Adventure.’ The Minigame Adventure will ultimately contain 12 unique minigames for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and is available immediately for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store.

The story advances as you complete each minigame and begins with the Prequel puzzle adventure quest, where you learn how the Martians surveyed Earth. Work your way through different game styles with each episode, from puzzle to action to arcade games. New minigames will be added every 2-4 weeks for your enjoyment.

A second app is also available: ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds: Augmented Reality,’ available for $0.99, which allows the player to invade his own home with Martians and Martian Fighting Machines and take photos.

“The original HG Wells story was first published as a series of adventures for Pearsons Magazine in 1897, so in homage we’ve created a serialized, 12-part Minigame Adventure of ‘The War of the Worlds,” stated Terry Marshall, Marketing Manager for zGames. “Each minigame is based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version, and features the music, sounds, and dialogue from the award-winning musical version.”

Inspired by HG Wells’ visionary Victorian tale, Jeff Wayne’s original double album was released in June 1978 featuring a compelling blend of prog rock and classical, as well as a spell-binding narration by Richard Burton and outstanding performances by some of the biggest artists of the 70s, including David Essex, Justin Hayward, Phil Lynott and Julie Covington.

“I’ve owned and continue to listen to Jeff Wayne’s album since it was first released, so we approached this project first and foremost as fans,” explained Chris Howard, CEO of Softeq.

Augment Reality or start your Minigame Adventure today! Visit Apple’s App Store to partake in the adventure.

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