War Rock, a premier FPS title of GamersFirst (www.gamersfirst.com), celebrates its 4-year anniversary with new game codes and items.  For those unfamiliar with this game, War Rock is a combat game unlike no other.  Equip yourself from a wide array of weapons and field gear, and fight on foot or take the battle to the enemy in armored vehicles ranging from Blackhawk choppers and K1 tanks to F-15 Eagles.

Enlist with the NIU rebels or the Derbaran Military, and select a branch of service: Engineer, Medic, Assault, Sniper, or Heavy Trooper. You will rank up with experience, unlock new equipment, and participate in live events run by GMs. Take your trooper through the war, and fight your way from Private to General!

 In honor of their anniversary, War Rock is launching a new game mode:  Hero Mode. In addition, Alienware has sponsored the Login and Win contest for a chance to win Alienware’s MX15 Laptop.

Hero Mode puts players in 4 vs. 4 team combat, one player from each team chosen at random to become the hero. Playable only in the new Biolab map, heroes can unlock a wealth of abilities including temporary invincibility, increased movement speed, exposing enemies on the minimap and team health regeneration. Once a hero is killed a new hero is chosen.

GamersFirst is also giving away a special promo code to receive a MP5K for 3 days. Players need to enter HappyBday to receive their free gift.

In addition to celebrating its anniversary, War Rock will be hosting a number of special holiday inventory additions, in-game events and new items including:

Valentine’s Day LuckyShot

  • LuckyShot (launched in December) is a game of chance offering players the opportunity to win certain guns and items in-game. For the holiday LuckyShot will offer a chance for players to win
  • 4 new pink weapons – AIAW, RPG-7, K1, M16A4

In-game Events

  • Pink Gun Kill event — win your gun in LuckyShot and get a better chance to win either a Scope or Silenced Famas G2.  (This Pink Gun Kill event is playable in any game mode except Zombie Mode)

New Items

  • Medic Valentine’s Day box giving 50% health regeneration
  • 20 new country Famas guns, including Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Finland, Israel, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

For the ‘Login and Win Event’, players need to login to www.Gamersfirst.com/warrock between 2/9/2011 and 2/23/2011 to be eligible to win.

Follow all the in-game events surrounding War Rock’s birthday and Valentine’s Day promotions at the following links:

Community Website – www.gamersfirst.com/WarRock