With his strong mastery of descriptive language and his almost poetic, flowing writing style, Alexander Hammond demonstrates his intense passion for science fiction in his book titled Tales from the Edge of Forever.

Tales from the Edge of Forever is a compilation of twenty three beautifully written and mysterious short stories.  Each one has its own twist at the end, and some of the endings are not what I would’ve expected.  It’s a welcomed and refreshing change from the predictability I find with many authors’ work.

What I enjoyed most about these stories is the fact that from the moment I started reading them, they instantly drew me in.  And once I completed them the endings stayed with me.  Like the rich scent of incense that hangs in the air long after the smoke’s gone, Hammond’s stories stayed with me days after reading them.  I found myself pondering them long after I completed the book; I was mesmerized by the way I was led down one path with his words in the beginning and then brought to a totally unexpected but rational path at the end.  It was these surprise endings that I loved so much because I never really knew what to expect.

I also found the strong science fiction theme very appealing.  I thoroughly enjoyed being transported via words to various settings; the edge of time, within the philosophical argument of existence, inside the bodies of passion-entwined lovers, and more.  Each story is a brand new adventure on which to embark.   The author’s mastery of writing made this book a pleasure to read; in fact, I had difficulty putting it down.

Only a certain handful of authors have the ability to paint images with their words so clearly that they seemingly pull you into an alternate reality.  They’re able to temporarily change your view of the world while helping you question everything you’ve ever known to be true.  Alexander Hammond achieves this beautifully.

In the next week or so I’ll be sharing an interview with this talented author.  If you have any questions you’d like to see answered, please post below this article and share what’s on your mind.  Thanks!

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