‘No Ordinary Family’ is a new television show on ABC that tells the story of the Powell family, who after a plane crash, find that they each now possess superpowers.

The father, Jim (Michael Chiklis), now has super strength, can leap great lengths and is nearly invulnerable. Stephanie (Julie Benz), the mother, is able to move at super speeds. Their daughter, Daphne (Kay Panabaker), is a telepath who can also access a person’s memories by touching them. And their son, JJ (Jimmy Bennett), is now super intelligent. JJ can also speed read and quickly absorb large amounts of information.

The first few episodes revolve around the Powell’s discovering their superpowers and adjusting to life with them. Jim begins to fight crime using his superpowers with the help of his friend, George (Jimmy Bennett). Stephanie, who is a scientist, begins to run tests trying to discover how they gained their superpowers, while confiding in her lab assistant, Katie (Autumn Reeser), who helps her with these experiments.

As the season progresses, viewers find that the Powell’s are not the only people with superpowers. It’s also revealed that Stephanie’s boss, Dr. King (Stephen Collins), knows about superpowers and has in fact managed to make an injection that will give the user superpowers.

The series showcases normal family dynamics as an ordinary family deals with highly unusual situations. What makes the show so enjoyable to watch is that the Powells are very believable as a real family.

‘No Ordinary Family’ airs at Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST on ABC. New episodes will air again starting January 4, 2011.