Game system technology is more advanced than ever before.  To successfully compete with the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft knew they needed to deliver a product that was just as good as or better than what’s currently available.  And deliver they did.

Kinect for the XBOX 360 is one of the newest innovations by Microsoft.  Originally referred to as Project Natal while it was in development, Kinect lets players ditch the controller and jump in on the action.  It offers users a fun and exciting gaming experience by allowing them to use their whole bodies to play.  The sensors on the Kinect are extremely sensitive, allowing for the slightest movement to be detected.  This translates into more accurate and interactive game play.  Its sensors also detect speech so you can talk along during your favorite game activities when needed.

Kinect takes advantage of a technology that allows for digital skeletal tracking based on your depth data.  Basically, as you move around the sensor captures your image and uses that to put your image in the game. No longer do you need to hold a controller for your game system to recognize your movements.  What’s even more exciting is the fact that Kinect also has facial recognition; which means the next time you want to play, it will be able to recognize you by your features and know who you are.

Starting up your Kinect has never been easier.  Your hand is the pointer!  So when you’re ready to play, just wave your hand in front of the sensors so it picks up on your motion, and then use your finger to navigate the menu.

There’s no doubt that Kinect has been making a name for itself since its debut in November 2010.  Excited about finally being untethered from their controller, more and more people are switching over to Microsoft’s Kinect.

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