Step Inside Wayne Security With The First Trailer For ‘Powerless’

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After being delayed for retooling, NBC is set to unleash “the first comedy from DC Comics,” ‘Powerless’ next month and in preparation, has released the first trailer, which illustrates that it “super sucks” for the ordinary citizens living in a world of superhero and villain conflicts.

The sitcom stars Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, the plucky new head of Wayne Security, a firm tasked with designing gadgets to help the average Joe navigate the ‘Kingdom Come’-esque landscape.  Hudgens, best known for her role as earnest Gabriella in the ‘High School Musical’ franchise struggled to shed her Disney image with edgy roles in films like ‘Sucker Punch’ and ‘Spring Breakers’, but lately seems to be returning to what works best for her, in more family-friendly fare like ‘Grease Live!’.  ‘Powerless’ looks to continue that trend.

Though amiable, Hudgens isn’t a proven talent when it comes to comedy, but luckily she is surrounded by a Justice League of comedic favorites like Alan Tudyk (‘Con Man’, ‘Firefly’), Danny Pudi (‘Community’), Ron Funches (‘Undateable’) and Christina Kirk (‘A To Z’, ‘Girls’).  Atlin Mitchell stars as DC superhero Crimson Fox, which appears to be a recurring role.

Unfortunately, Tudyk doesn’t pop up in this first clip, which gives a glimpse of what to expect from the series as Emily and her coworkers try out some of their inventions.  Spoiler alert, they don’t work.

Check it out below:

It’s not clear whether or not ‘Powerless’ takes place in the same universe as the movies, but… uh… probably not.  Ditto FOX’s ‘Gotham’ and The CW shows, since they are on separate networks and all.  But the DC Comics Universe is inhabited by thousands of heroes and villains, so there’s no telling which heroes may pop up. (Even though the show takes place at Wayne Security, it’s unlikely that Bruce Wayne or Batman will appear.)

‘Powerless’ debuts on Thursday, February 2nd at 8:30 pm EST on NBC following another workplace comedy ‘Super Store’.

Will you be tuning in?

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  • ed

    I liked the original pilot better when it was a DC version of DAMAGE CONTROL for tv.

    (Anyone interested in reading about an insurance company dealing with the destructive aftereffects of a superhero™ battle should read this Dwayne McDuffie series!)

    Setting the series NOW in a WayneTech subsidiary smacks of studio reactionary “retooling” of the series concept… that maybe has been done after receiving notes from SDCC viewers where it was shown last summer… remarking it’s conceptual similarity to a previous MARVEL comicbook about the wacky adventures of an OFFICE-like cast in a world of capes, cowls and flying leotards? It’s corporate meddling because of test-marketing their product to SDCC comicbook geeks.

    Nu-DC fans should be fine getting more tv stories of the DC mythology with this…