J.J. Abrams Says ‘Star Trek’ Video Game Hurt ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

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Despite a pretty good box office draw and an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, fans keep burying ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. Not only was it recently voted the worst ‘Star Trek’ movie ever made, the negativity has reached the point that the film’s co-writer Roberto Orci had a few choice words for the haters and then quit Twitter from all the backlash. Now that the film is available on Blu-Ray and DVD, the director gives his two cents on how an unlikely source is a factor in bad reviews.

While speaking to GamerHub.TV at the release event for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, J.J. Abrams talked about the terrible video game adaptation of his movie and how things were supposed to go very differently with it. He then goes on to say that this game hindered rather than helped once the film finally hit theaters:

“To me the video game could have been something that actually really benefited the series and was an exciting, fun game with great gameplay and instead it was not and was something that I think, for me, emotionally it hurt, because we were working our asses off making the movie and then this game came out and it got, this isn’t even my opinion, it got universally panned and I think that it was something without question that didn’t help the movie and arguably hurt it.”

For most people, I feel like the game largely went unnoticed, so the negative reviews for it couldn’t have hurt the film too much. However, it’s clear that the filmmaker harbored some personal feelings towards how the game ended up. In the video below, you can see him talk more about the game and the great potential for ‘Star Trek’ in the realm of video games in the future:

Though Abrams will not be in the director’s chair for ‘Star Trek 3’ in favor of heading to a galaxy far, far away in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, it’s good to see that he’s still invested in a franchise that he helped build and hopes to still contribute to in the future.

Do you think that the ‘Star Trek’ video game had anything to do with how ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ was received by the fans? Since the game did so poorly, what would you want to get out of a ‘Star Trek’ game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Polygon

  • Ooccoo

    The movie was brilliant. Sounds to me like there are just a lot of butthurt fanboys (and girls) who are still stuck on the Wrath of Khan being the best of the original Star Trek franchise, and when you redo a movie about Khan, you’re sure to get some butthurts.
    Just like the people who were busy humping the original jokers legs when The Dark Knight came out.

  • Alex Gaginsky

    ‘Wouldn’t call it ‘brilliant’ (it had plot holes, an instant back-from-the-dead, many underdeveloped characters, and dubious acting from Alice Eve), but overall the movie was nice. And there’s not that much of a bad rap I hear about it.

  • Stjepan

    Movie was just like all other summer blockbusters, and that’s whats bothers real Star Trek fans….reducing Star Trek down to summer blockbuster.

  • Victor

    It was not the Video game that hurt the movie It was the unfounded stupidity of the writers and promoters directors and backers of the movie that had no respect for the masses of original trekies that saw through the obvious remake of a Khan spin off all because they are too hesitant to believe in going into a NEW direction with the francise
    It’s a NEW STAR TREK can we continue to Boldly go where no one has gone before instead of returning to the same remade reshuffled and repainted old story lines please.

    I have a few Ideas if youd like to hear them (probably not) but over all the the movie was shot superb visually excellent but thats it no pop or bang they had great actors acting badly It was sad. the francise is going to die if the writers directors and producer’s don’t start listening to the fans.

  • Keith Smith

    Well, they managed to do one thing – break the “even numbered Treks are better than odd numbered Treks” pattern. Nemesis came close but IMHO it’s better than Insurrection. I know that’s not everyone’s opinion.

  • Didn’t even know there was a game. I still hated the movie.