A New Companion Is The Not Only Thing New In The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special!

Doctor Who : The SnowenApparently a Time Lord’s sadness can bring about many changes. We’ve known for a while that the Doctor will be getting a new companion but that’s not the only thing that we’ll see that’s new in the upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special titled ‘The Snowmen.’ The Doctor apparently has been doing some interior redecorating!

From the prequel for the Christmas episode, Whovians are seeing a very different Doctor, one that has been deeply affected with the loss of Amy and Rory. He has declared his retirement and refuses to get involved with any type of shenanigans. Gone is the tweed jacket and bow tie, the effervescent enthusiasm and apparently gone is the interior of the TARDIS that we’ve come to know for the past 2 seasons.

To give fans a sneak peak of the new look, BBC America shared this teaser photo of the “striking new TARDIS control room:”

Doctor Who New TARDIS interior

Unfortunately, we may just have to wait until “The Snowmen’ airs to see the entire redo but so far it looks like the Doctor has switched out his steampunk style décor to something a bit modern and Gallifreyan.

Not much more is known about the new look but a description from a zoomed up picture which will appear in the new issue of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ and has been described as such:

It’s black, with a blue hue from the time rotor lighting the room. There’s a disc looking thing on the wall, with a red light in the middle and purple lights surrounding it. The time rotor looks very similar to the one in the Lodger TARDIS. It looks much smaller than the current version, perhaps even smaller than Nine and Ten’s console room.

The new set was designed by Michael Pickwoad, the show’s production designer and will be the second interior layout of the TARDIS for the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith). In fact, Smith had commented that the new room was “sort of like getting a brand-new sports car. It’s always a bit exciting.”

So, fellow Whovians! What do you think of the new TARDIS’ interior? Did “Sexy” need a face lift or not? Let me know in the comments below!

The full reveal of the TARDIS will appear when ‘Doctor Who: The Snowmen’ premieres on BBC America on Christmas Day at 9PM/8PM Central.


  • bsilverio20

    I love it! It reminds me that I need to get me a fob watch.

  • Brandon

    Personally, I don’t think the TARDIS needed a new interior. The current is fine as it is. The black/silver/blue theme sounds like a typical alien combination but I suppose it could work if done correctly. For me, these colours also give a more adult tone, which I feel would suit River Song more than the Doctor.

  • Robotopia

    At the end of last series (season 6), The Doctor was almost two-hundred years older…
    I guess that I would like to redecorate after things being the ‘same’ for that long, too?!

  • Robotopia

    Maybe, Just Maybe, The photo is of the ‘Master’s’ TARDIS interior, and NOT
    The Doctor’s TARDIS…?!
    (Anyone consider that?!
    …Maybe another TIMELORD, such as The Rani, or whomever?!)

  • Janice Kay

    I think all these changes are all leading up to the upcoming 50th anniversary. Many changes are occurring in front of and behind the scenes. While I’m pretty excited to see what the new interior of the TARDIS looks like, I’m still hoping the Doctor will return to his bow tie and that the Victorian garb is just for mourning purposes.

  • Robotopia

    …Almost looks like the ‘Stargate’ on the series ‘STARGATE: SG-1’,
    except this is horizontal…
    (Still, I can barely wait until the Christmas Special is on BBC-America!)

  • A yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.