How Can DC Disassemble ‘The Avengers’ At The Box Office?

Posted Friday, June 1st, 2012 06:00 pm GMT -4 by

Ever since ‘The Avengers’ made a killing at the box office, people have been speculating on how DC could launch a counter attack on the House of Ideas and generate a movie just as profitable. The most common answer is a Justice League movie, but since the modern DC movies in existence aren’t interconnected (and aside from Chris Nolan’s Batman, they kind of suck), it would be difficult to pull off. Instead, I offer another solution: Go younger.

One thing that Marvel hasn’t tackled in their cinematic universe yet is a younger hero. They almost entered that realm when ‘The Runaways’ was in production, but that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, so now is DC’s chance to strike. They have a few pretty awesome teams of youngsters to work with like the Teen Titans or Young Justice.  Both of which had success in the animated realm, and I think that there’s a foundation of a fandom strong enough that a live action adaptation of either team would be very well received.

Young JusticeRegardless of who DC would decide is included on the teams, I think that it would be wise to build the team around Robin. The character has been in movies already, so the public knows who he is, and since he has ties to Batman, even the fair-weather superhero fans will be drawn to the movie. Then, like ‘The Avengers’, they shouldn’t bog down the plot with a ton of exposition. Briefly introduce the members of the team, bring them together to work on the mission, and then get into the meat of whatever the plot is. You can even include some cameos from the bigger heroes of the DC Universe.

I have a lot of ideas for plot and characters and all that, but I wouldn’t want to reveal them all here for free. If Warner Bros. reads this and is curious about my ideas, they can hire me for the project. (For the record, I would happily take any position that WB/DC throws my way.) Until the day that my Teen Titans movie gets greenlit, all you’re getting out of me (in printed form anyway) is the little bit of advice that DC should start developing live action movies for their younger hero properties. At least they can beat Marvel to that punch.

What about you? What younger DC characters would you like to see on a big-screen team? Comment below and let us know!

  • I agree, I would love that. It would work well with DC/WB wanting to have stand alone films for Superman, Batman, etc. They could then show off supporting characters like Robin, Superboy, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Blue Beetle, etc in a Young Justice oriented film.

    • Damarohl

      Or we could bring in “Sugar and Spike”?

  • Danimal

    Nope, won’t work.. Everybody is getting tired of Soap Operas for kids. Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. DC should look at the market, this isn’t it!

    • I love how you say “everybody” when you obviously mean “I’. Just because you’re tired of teen-centric drama doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. One look at any TV lineup, bookshelf, or movie list will prove that the world is far from tired of this kind of thing.

      • JasonMBowles

        Yeah, everyone is sick of teen adaptations.  The Hunger Games bombed, making only $396,022,168 on a budget of $78,000,000 and no one wants to see them make the other two books into movies.  And the last Twilight only made $701,989,889.  That’s like nothing.  If I made a movie and it tanked that hard, I’d kill myself and get it over with.  They need to make more movies like Battleship.  Like Battleship 2: Even Shippier.

  • Anonymous

    The idea of a Young Justice movie can work, but needs very good ideas, maybe with the “adults” heroes now as bad guys and the teens trying to stop them

  • Damarohl

    Hmm.  In the old series “Dial H For Hero”, Robby Reed once transformed into a baby character named, I think, “Mighty Moppet”.  Or something like that.  I’d have to check my files.

    Maybe you could have him and Baby Herman fighting for Wonder Woman.