‘Dredd’ Producer Says His Version Will Be Closer To The Comic

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The more I see of the upcoming ‘Judge Dredd’ movie, titled simply ‘Dredd’, the more I’m thinking that Hollywood may have actually gotten it right this go ‘round. Just last week, we announced that ‘Dredd’ would indeed be rated R instead of the dreaded PG-13. This got many fans, myself included, a little excited because… really… there’s no way to do Judge Dredd justice with a PG-13 film.

Today, Comic Book Movie provides us with a brief interview with ‘Dredd’ producer Stuart Ford who states that the new version is much close to the UK comic original.

In the interview, Ford said that, “The version of Dredd that we’ve made is, first of all, very authentic to the original comic book or the original 2000AD comic character. It’s gritty, it’s dark, it’s deadpan. We think we’ve made a movie that has a real sort of edginess to it.”

Sounds good so far. Then, when Ford was asked about actor Karl Urban playing in the lead role, he said:

“The key thing on this version of Dredd was to stay loyal to the original character, and Dredd never removes his helmet, and that’s a challenge for an actor, to make that character believable, and interesting,. Karl grew up as a fan of Dredd and absolutely understood what we needed, and when people see the movie they’ll absolutely see he is that Dredd. That dark, complex, unforgiving, but at the same time utterly reliable kickass Dredd character that we’ve been waiting to see in a movie for a long time.”

It does indeed sounds like the new adaptation has some creative minds behind the scenes that care about the character and not just the action.  Of course, it’s Dredd so there will be action. As Ford further says, “We think Dredd fans, we think fanboys, we think action fans… [are] going to really respond to the movie.”

Check out the full interview with Ford below:

So what do you think? Does Ford waylay some of your fears surround this new Dredd movie? Does it help wash some of the Stallone crud out of your mind? Comment below and let us know what you think.

  • It’s not a ‘Hollywood’ film, it’s an indie. The previous Stallone train-wreck in ’95 was also R-rated but everything about it was awful at least the new one has better actors, look and screenplay.

  • Having worked with actual “indie” films, I wouldn’t call a movie starring Karl Urban and Lena Headey and distributed by Lionsgate really that indie. But point taken… it’s not one of the major production companies so there’s less of the usual Hollywood politics.

    • I’ve worked on ‘em too.

      I see it as indie as in ‘independent’ and if DNA-films are anything, they’re independent and, not being wealthy, need to find finance wherever they can.

      I know wiki ain’t the bible but their interpretation which I think is apt: “An Independent film is a professional film production resulting in a feature film that is produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system. In addition to being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies, independent films are also produced and/or distributed by subsidiaries of major film studios.”

      I don’t interpret indie as just meaning ‘low-budget’ or without ‘names’. Indie films need to be distributed by somebody, they can’t do it themselves, and in comparison to the other comic book films out at the mo, Dredd is definitely not at that level of promotion or production, it ain’t even near the Hunger Games or the Expendables. I don’t think you could reaistically call it a ‘studio’ film.

      Hopefully it’ll make the crossover in audience.

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