That New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show? It Might Be Closer Than You Think

Posted Monday, February 6th, 2012 03:00 pm GMT -4 by

Last summer, we got word that producer David Foster was looking to bring Gene Roddenberry’s universe back to the small screen with another ‘Star Trek’ television show.

At the time of that announcement, Foster’s show was just in the idea stages and hadn’t even been pitched to Trek distributor CBS. Since then, there hasn’t been much word on the project… until now.

Bryan Fuller (‘Pushing Daisies’) and Bryan Singer (‘X-Men’) recently paired on NBC’s Munsters reboot, ‘Mockingbird Lane’. Now the sci-fi duo have turned their attention to the ‘Star Trek’ show and are trying to get things moving.

Both Bryans have tried to bring ‘Star Trek’ back to television in the past, but nothing has ever come of it. Now they have decided to pool their resources and geek-cred muscle to try again and see if they can’t pull it off this time.

Recently, the gang at AintitCool got a chance to sit down with Fuller, and this is what they had to say on the subject:

Fuller tells AICN exclusively that the two Bryans, who have long (but separately) contemplated new Star Trek TV series, have discussed the possibility of pooling their resources to take a new corner of Gene Roddenberry’s multiverse to the small screen. Hopefully J.J. Abrams and Les Moonves will give them the keys to Starfleet HQ.

There’s no word on whether Fuller and Singer are considering using any of the ideas put forth by Foster when he announced his ‘Star Trek’ show but, since Foster had his world pretty well thought out and an overview for up to seven seasons, it would be a no-brainer to bring Foster on board and make their Trek duo a trio.

Many fans, myself included, would love to see ‘Star Trek’ return to television, so you can bet I’ll be staying on top of this story as it develops. So, stay tuned for all the Trek info as this story develops.

  • Janice Kay

    Bryan Singer is supposedly also working on a Battlestar Galactica reboot movie. Looks like he’s covering all kinds of sci-fi shows based in space!

    • I’m not looking forward to his BSG reboot movie.  A new Trek would be welcome though.

      • Good4u999999999

        If there is one it’s will be set in the reboot universe, not in the universe of Picard and Janeway as we know it that universe is dead. So your not going to see an after the Dominion war etc

        The academy one has been floated many times before but it just sounds and feels like a teen star trek tv series, the Wesley crusher charcter is an example, it one of the most disliked characters in tng so I don’t think so.

        • Captain Scratch

           Not true, Older Spock in the reboot movie refers to it as a alternate timeline, not a the original timelines past. Most likely a multi-Universe or mirror universe.

          • Exactly. The original Spock in J.J. Abrams Star Trek is now referred to as Spock Prime since he comes from the Prime Universe which not only still exists… it is still the primary Star Trek universe.

            Abrams’ movie universe is an alternate dimension/timeline created by Spock and Nero ripping the time stream at the point they arrived in the past.

          • Aussie Trek Fan

             I find myself wishing that Nero had managed to destroy that alternate universe (does that make him the good guy?)

  • I hope it’s something a little different.  Paramount has always treated Star Trek like their father’s classic Porche which they do not want to let out of the garage for fear of scratching it by tieing the hands of creators who’s ideas were a little too fresh and new.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a series that’s centered around Star Fleet Acadamy – this way they could have a ship centered show for senior cadets to perform missions on ( the non-ship’s concept was apparently a problem with DS9 until they brought on the Defiant), a reason to bring back several cast members for guest spots, and a well varied cast.

    • Seth

      Please no academy show!!

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t mind the future star trek!

  • Maiev444

    I think there is a lot to explore after the Dominion War and what happened after Romulas was destroyed. That might be interesting. 

  • Trekmi

    I would like something based on the Star Trek SCE book series, the Starfleet Corpse of Engineers.  That would be pretty cool

  • Crimson

    I’d MUCH rather that than Mockingbird Lane. I hope NBC turns it down and they turn their attentions towards this.

  • The “movie” is great. What specifically didn’t you like about it?

    • Aussie Trek Fan

       J.J. Adams movie?  What’s not to like?  Errr… how about the fact that other than the names used (for the ship, the characters and the movie) that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Star Trek.  It wasn’t a reboot, it was a perversion of the original *vomits a little in mouth*.

      • As a stand alone movie I thought it was great but I agree with you it did not follow much of the old Star Trek lore.

  • I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I don’t think Singer did a bad job with Xmen or Superman at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed all of his work on both…

  • Arrjay

    How about looking to redoing the old scripts, updated, on the 50th anniversary of the series. They don’t have to be 100% loyal to the original scripts (Star Trek fans are more sophisticated than that -  most of them anyway). If it catches on theyt can travel beyond the original scripts and go for a full five year mission, or longer,

  • Vicious713

    I always wanted to see what Kevin Smith or Seth McFarlane would do with the star trek universe >.> I’ve come to understand they’re gigantic trek nerds

  • Lotusx

    I’m just dying to see a reboot of the original series (or even a brand new series taking place after TNG) done by JJ Abrams.  I would watch the hell out of that show.

  • Jennarodriguez30

    No way i want to see what happens after voyager gets home. That whole era vthg to ds9 to voyager are all TNG era

  • GenGhost16

    the Star trek movie was on “The Original Series” 

    Again ! why Redo something, move onto a new series 

    I hope they set the next series after Voyager but before The Star Trek online era

    what ever happens though I would be glad to see Star Trek as a series once again  

  • Ben M

    What I wasn’t keen on in the new Star trek movie was the lack of depth and intellect that you got with TNG, DS9, and the original series and most of the voyager episodes.. those little quiet moments and long conversations that made you question and compare parralells to our own existence.  The movie was just a balls out action romp smothered with special effects and the hottest new actors.  A return to intellect and deep philisophical questions which is what roddenberry wanted in the first place “I just wanted to create soemthing that I could use to get my own thoughts across abou the state of our planet without being t0o obvious” let’s see what Riker gets up to on board the USS Titan,

  • Corey Howard

    What about a whole new side of Star Trek? I think it should follow what Gene Roddenberry already created. Forget this alternate timeline thing from the new movie, but keep some of the more visual aspects of it. Make it more action-packed and aesthetically pleasing like the movie, but give it the same substance and depth like TNG, VOY, DS9. Like, what about a series with the Prometheus class as the hero vessel?

  • bworthington

    Wouldn’t be interesting if they took a completely differnct point of view of the Star Trek theme?  Say for instance a TV series that centers on the Klingon.  Next Generation with “Worf” gave us a glint of Klingon history, culture and traditon.  The whole timelilne issue could be dodged and a whole new flood of characters, planets and aliens could be introduced.  What lies on the other side of the Klingon Empire?

    • yeah , like joining the Horde in WOW :)

  • Enterprise-d

    Bring Back Soong!!!

    Brent spiners own words.

  • I’d Love a new trek series. Hopefully continuing around where nemesis left off, I mean the reboot is nice and all but I’d love to see the continuation of the original universe.  

  • Sam

    The first episode should have cameos from the TNG crew and it should be based around the same time Romulus is destroyed making the show appealing to both fans of the original shows but also from those who have only ever seen the new movie. But keep it all in the original continuity.

    • Ya that would be great. Set it shortly after TNG. Perhaps Picard is an admiral and Riker can show up here and there. One thing though. The last 3 series have had one underlying goal unlike TNG and TOS. Voyager, was to get home. DS9, was to win a war. And Enterprise was to get humanity on track and start the Federation. So I’m curious if they’ll go back to the roots of having exploration of try 7 seasons of 1 large goal in mind. Either way I wouldn’t mind. 

  • Srgwsrgs

    I want it!!!!!!!!! BUt on netflex

  • Troysmith2962581

    First and foremost I will say that I have been patiently waiting for a new star trek show, and hope that need gets fulfilled in the near future, but I am not keen on a star trek set in kirks time. Moving forward with the timeline makes much more sense with the improvement of camera tech (HD) set design, etc….. Also I am vehemontly against a show being set in the JJ Abrams universe. In fact I am tired of seeing his name in articles about Star Trek. To take a quote from the above article:

    ” J.J. Abrams and Les Moonves will give them the keys to Starfleet HQ.”

    I don’t know if alot of people understand this, but JJ Abrams does not fucking own Star Trek, he makes one movie and all these people act as if they now must get permission from him to venture out on a new project or get his blessings. That is pure horseshit. His alternate timeline is actually taken by me and surely many other fans as a slap in the face to all that has happen before (canon storyline). In another quote that I take from another site:

    Los Angeles – “JJ Abrams never “cared” about the original Star Trek series.
    The director – who is set to return to the sci-fi franchise for the follow-up to the hugely successful 2009 film – was never a fan of the episodes, despite numerous attempts to get to like it.
    Speaking to, he said: “I was, frankly, never really a fan. I never really got it. I never really cared much about it. Most of my friends who loved it were, without question, smarter than I was.”

    JJ Abrams a man who has self-proclaimed that he doesn’t like, doesn’t get, and never really cared for Star Trek. Really, people is this someone that we want taking the reins of such a lush and brillant universe that we call Star Trek? I personally feel that it was his lack of Star Trek knowledge to begin with that prompted him to “re-boot” the original series with all the drastic changes that he made to the history of Star Trek. Sounds to me that he is only out to make a buck at the expense of die-hard Star Trek fans that have grown up watching all the shows. In JJ’s defense though (well not really) at the end of the day everyone is out to make a buck, but at least lets have someone at the reins that is at least knowledgeable about the Star Trek universe, somone who is actually a fan and cares about the franchise. Someone? Anyone but JJ Abrams

    ps. New Star Trek set in canon storyline taking place after the events of voyager and/or nemesis
    thanks you

    Troy Smith

  • Bobbito

    I’ve thrown out a few ideas on what a new Star Trek series might look like.  But I think its difficult because we tend towards that next ‘frontier.’  Some people say a ST where humans are exploring other galaxies.  Some have the idea of a broken Starfleet.  Others think about colonizing.  But what about the single thread that has connected almost every generation of series yet been completely untouched?  The Q Continuum.

    The Q constantly elude to the fact that they are not all-powerful as it might seem.  It has also been suggested (by Jean Luc) that the Q fear humanity because our potential is greater than their current existence, in effect, mankind is destined for something greater even than the Q Continuum.  We’ve also seen Ginan, a member of a mysterious race that has obvious tensions with the Q Continuum, and that Q was threatened by her power.

    I think a good story arc for a series will be to explore those answers.  Every episode doesn’t have to be about humanities progression towards this higher level of evolution, but that storyline can peek in often enough to remind viewers what the ultimate purpose of the series is.  Intersperse among those episodes stories of politics, sex (I know, it goes against all ST normalcy), war, and greed, and you sir, have a high-ratings show…

  • ne146t92

    I would like to see a new Star Trek series where not everyone on the ship is a decent person. A crew member or two who are corrupt and doing whatever crooked means it takes to get ahead in Starfleet. More conflict between members of the crew along with the “ship vs. whatsoutthere” aspect of it. More twists and turns and mysteries in the plots than previous series.

  • scienceorc

    I say that the TV show should expand on the original timeline, while the movies build up the new timeline. Once the new movies are done, the TV show would have run it’s course, and the TV show would have completed and enhanced the original timeline, and then the new timeline can have a TV show. So once this TV show pushes the original timeline to its limits while the movies continue the alternate timeline, a whole new star trek mythology can be set up in the new universe in the form of another series. Think about it. The new timeline is perfect for exploration. In the original timeline, it had all been explored, to the point where by late TNG-post TNG, they had already visited all the worlds, and they started to focus on politics. Nothing new to explore. Of course, the old timeline still needs to be finished/further realized, but then after this happens from the new TV show, then a TV show from the Abrams-verse can come in and let the enterprise make contact with aliens, and truly boldly go where no man has gone before. Because there is a whole new universe, it actually allows for star trek to return to Gene’s vision. Not necessarily in continuity, but instead in bringing back the exploration stuff.

  • Mobil4e

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  • The Middleman

    If you are going to post a picture of “The Captains” post the one that has all five of them. Your missing Archer.

    • Nope. I’m not missing Archer. I’m not missing him at all.

      • lol

        • Ealcaraz25

          i like captain archer he was pretty good captain if i do say so myself!

          • Michael Folkesson

            He was more like some kind of friendly dad than a bold space captain. He would have done great in Lost in Space.

      • Desmond

        Whats wrong with Archer?

        • Warren Zoell

          Nothing is wrong with Archer per say. It’s Braga’s Enterprise that I have a big problem with

  • Judyscastle

    The worst show ever was Enterprise.  The “I don’t get it” was obvious.  It turned into practically a radio show with the dark sets so dog gone dark you couldn’t see anything in the scenes.  It would have been easier to view in black and white–at least there would have been something to see.  The film editors must have been drinking Klingon blood wine, extra strong.  

  • A time based series would be interesting.  Where a ship gets thrown back in time, but then realizes (in the pilot) that they are instrumental in future history playing out the way it did.

    Anyway, it’s a thought.

    • mfp2waoe

       Yeah, because Star Trek has never dealt with time travel before.

  • Jacobfrom Lost

    The only way another Trek will WORK is if they construct an actual story over several years with a clear cut beginning, middle, and end (and tell everyone–audience and studio suits–that is what they are doing). Put some suspense in it, mystery, WONDER, and a twist now and then that reshapes the entire premise of the show rather than resetting everything. Long form storytelling is working on TV now, and Star Trek has never committed to it in an entire series. Let people know “this show will only be 6 years long”, or 7 years, or whatever, and that every episode MUST be seen because you just have to know what happens next to people you love, some of whom die when you least expect it. Get the most talented writers around, lock them in a room, and see what blooms. Then get the best directors in television.

    Do this, and you’ll be aiming at something great that Star Trek has never tried before. You do anything less, and it will just be “Enterprise” all over again–a show that was good, was definitely Trek, but felt like a rerun of old episodes that were not your favorites to begin with.

    A new Trek series has to take that “favorite episode” feel and weave it into a tapestry of an entire series–and the only way to do that is long-form storytelling with no reset buttons, no parachutes, no “safe” characters. Anything less, and what’s the point?  If they go for same-old same-old, why wouldn’t we rather just watch any of the HUNDREDS of hours of Trek already available? That’s apparently what everyone did when “Enterprise” was on.

  • Rim

    The best Star Trek series were the ones that had a different complete story each week with no long standing goal in mind. Maybe a series about Starfleet Academy and the adventures of the students as they work their way through the hands on education something like our West Point cadets did in the tv series of the 1950s.

  • Tisssk

    I want a star trek show which isn’t about a starfleet ship.. i know that it isnt the line which flows throughout the series… but i’m sick of prime directives and starfleet orders… gimme a rebellious captain and crew, which still want a morally good goal to reach… just not by starfleet rules ;) Let them be chased from sector to sector, building on to their ship all technologies that they steal :D instead of the latest 2 series, a ship that degrades more and more, gimme some guys that become completely strong and awesome XD

    • mfp2waoe

       You mean Voyager?

    • keith

      Read the New Frontier books by Peter David.  I am sure you would like Captain Mac!  I’d like to see this book series turned into a new TV show.

  • Citibrass

    Where is the captain for the Enterprize series. jonathan archer ???
    in the picture above ?

  • Citibrass

    Where is the pic of Captain Archer from the
    Enterprise Star Trek

  • Hoshi

    Enterprise was the best series, it focused on trying to put more substance into the episodes rather than trying to fill holes with technobabble about firing tachyon beams or tetrion beams or whatever else beam. It focused on character development and the lack of technology was a good thing, it created a story in which the crew had to rely on more than twiddling a few dials and it gave a sense of orientation to the whole star trek universe. They did go astray with the time travelling; they should have left that out. 

    • nevilleross

      Glad to see SOMEBODY loving Enterprise and not joining the group consensus by hating it.

  • mfp2waoe


  • Albert

    I am one of those treke fans since a child, I´m old now but always in touch with star trek new adventures, I do have the 4 series broadcast to T.V. and the 10 motion pictures. I truly hope to see the 5th series with complete 7 seasons, send regards from the Malinche & Veracruz starships named after Mexico.