Will ‘Supernatural’ Graduate To The Big Screen?

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For seven years ‘Supernatural’ has graced the CW airwaves as one of the most popular genre shows in recent memory. But does the formula that’s made it such a cult hit translate to something more? Well, let’s see; two brothers battling denizens of Hell, hosts of Heaven and everything in between? Sounds like the perfect formula for a movie. Couple that with the thoroughly unimpressive offerings in the horror genre over the last decade, there’s plenty of room for a franchise that provides a built-in fan base who would eagerly pack the stadium seats for a Winchester big screen adventure.

Chuck - Supernatural

Chuck (or God) where art thou?

An argument some may have could be that, after seven years (if the show ended after this season), so many characters gone, what would be left to tell? The answer: plenty. While I believe the movie would have been perfectly slotted to pick up after season five’s “Swan Song” finale, there are plenty of open stories that haven’t been fully explored. Where do things stand in Heaven with the war? Are Lucifer and Michael truly locked away for good? Where has Chuck ‘God’ Shurley gone? Is Purgatory and the souls therein hermetically sealed? Is the Leviathan distant cousin, Behemoth, calmly waiting to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world? What would happen if people as a whole found out that the things that go bump in the night and the monsters in the closet were real? So many stories and who better to tell them than Kripke, Sera Gamble and Company?

Sam and Dean - Supernatural

Ackles and Padalecki's chemistry gets better every year

The storyline is a major part of a movie’s buzz, but it’s the characters that make a lasting impression. I’ve watched quite a few hours of television in my lifetime, and just as many movies. Prejudice aside, there are very few characters as thoroughly interesting as Sam and Dean Winchester. From the pop references and inside jokes to the sibling rivalry and emotional bond visible enough for all to see, their relationship alone could carry a film. Over the past seven seasons I’ve watched as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki improved by leaps and bounds. They have developed the latent charisma necessary to carry a feature length vehicle by their own performances, not to mention the energy they give to one another when together on a scene, something that wasn’t always the case.

It goes without saying that I’m a dreamer; my predilections in entertainment are proof of that. Still, I’m not so far out there to think that a ‘Supernatural’ movie will find its way to my local Cineplex. I say why not ‘Supernatural’? When looking back at what has been on both ‘Supernatural’ and the current crop of horror movies that are provided, we see it has the characters, the story and, oh yea, a kick ass car to boot.

This baby should get a movie of its own

‘Supernatural’ has become a cult icon much like another of my favorites—’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Aside from its ensemble cast, ‘Buffy’ shared many of the same finer points for a big screen adaptation as ‘Supernatural’. No, it didn’t have a ’67 Impala for Buffy, Xander, Willow and the others to cruise around the mean streets of Sunnydale in, but it blended three-dimensional characters with compelling stories, drama, and pop references that littered intelligently witty dialogue. After nearly ten years of rumor, we’ve yet to see Joss Whedon’s masterful creation get the movie treatment (though his less popular, but dead before its time ‘Firefly’ did).

How long will ‘Supernatural’ last? That’s a question left to the CW and the principals—Ackles and Padalecki. It could end after this season or go three more, we don’t really know. Kripke’s original vision was five seasons and while “Swan Song” would have been the perfect ending to the show (similar to ‘Buffy’s’ season five finale, “The Gift”) I for one am thankful it didn’t end there. As long as good stories continue to be told, I’m more than happy to be treated to 22+ episodes per year. With that said, how cool would it be to end the show with a series finale bang that concludes with a well thought out two-hour bow to cement Kripke’s legacy? I, for one, would welcome Kripke taking his magic formula to the next level. And like Dean on a typical Saturday night, I’m pretty certain I’m not alone.

‘Supernatural’ fans: what are your thoughts? Should the Winchesters get the big screen treatment?

  • I’ve been dreaming of a Supernatural movie for years! I’d love to see the Winchesters on the big screen :)

  • Kadysn

    Absolutely! There is so much more that can be told about the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester, and I want to see them on the big screen. It would allow for more intensity and language more realistic to their lives. Even Ackles and Padalecki want there to be a movie. I say bring it! Just don’t end the series just yet!

  • Rmoats8621

    H*ll Yes! This series is perfect for the big screen. There would be no more limitations. I think it would be awesome!

  • Econceicao12

    There are no words to describe what I’m feeling right now but…fuck yeah there should be a movie!!!

  • I’ve been thinking a movie would be excellent for this show. And without having to censor as much, and hopefully a higher budget, I think they could do so much for this show. Hell, why not more than one movie? I mean come on, there are so many horrible movies made into sequels that are even more horrible. I think the movies would do well and maybe bring in a shitload more fans. 
    Time to wipe the drool up.

  • yes..hell yes, there’s a pun in there somewhere..ah well, bring back bobby and cas for the movie and the war in heaven and it’ll all be good. 

  • Lulubura

    God yes! If they did I would watch it 50 times at the theater! 

    • Yasmin

      So would I. Aah want it to happen now.

  • Supernatural movie would be very good , there is one Supernatural novel War of the sons based on season 5 , it would make a great movie .. also there so many things to tell & with this great cast , it would be a worthy movie 

  • There should definitely be a movie, not ten years from now or in the far future but soon. And it would be a great finale to the whole series. But can we have three more seasons of Supernatural before the big close? I’d like to see Supernatural go as long as Smallville did.

  • Haley Winchester

    HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i´d love to see them in a movie ;))) and there are so many more ideas for hundret seasons soooo please keep on going spn <3

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!!! Imagine the impala on the big screen with ‘Carry on My wayward son’ playing in the background. That would be ASDFGH#!% awesome!

  • Buggi

    HELL YEAH!!!! A supernatural movie would be awesome. There are so many ideas they could take up. I for one would love to see Dean confronted with the part of him he left behind in Hell, in season 4. He hasn’t been the same since. 

  • Chealsea

    YES!!! I think their should be a legit series finale, just in case a movie doesn’t line up, but then a movie is most definitely in order. Needless to say, our fandom would more than cover the costs with the amount of tickets/movie merchandise we’d buy. We are very dedicated to our boys, who would excel brilliantly if given the resources for a full length film <3

  • Pawwy

    That would be amazing!!!!

  • AgnesT

    You make many good points but you failed to mention one thing many fans are really REALLY eager to see – Castiel.  He added so much to the mix, and was such an interesting character, it would be criminal to even consider a film without him!

    • Romana Grimm

      Oh yes, Castiel just has to be a part of this. The guy is awesome :-)

  • B_murphy_xd


  • Nouhsdf

    NO! Supernatural is not The X-Files >.<

  • Definitely YESSSS!!  It will be a BOMB- No doubt.

  • Chander

    Ohhhhh…YESSSSS!! I would love it!! *already floatin’…*

  • yuichi

    wow…that would be…awesome!!!
    I wonder…is that true if this season (season 7) will be the last season of supernatural???

  • Romana Grimm

    Absolutely! In fact, I thing we should start a tweetition and a facebook “attack” to get this point across :-) Thanks for the great article, you really spoke my mind!

  • JoJo50HaMm

    You bet I would love ‘Supernatural’ on the big screen!  This is something like the original ‘Star Trek’ that grew and grew after many many years of nothing but reruns.  The fact the this show has lasted seven seasons is a testament to how well it could do.  For those of us who were the fans of ‘Dark Shadows’ as kids, ‘Supernatural’ is just that kind of cult fav. I don’t go to movies very often but I would stand in line for eight hours or more if necessary! And maybe the character ‘Bobby” could come back?

  • Janicec678

    What are our thoughts about having a SN movie??  That’s a rhetorical question, right?? 

  • Riptrainer

    I would love to see Supernatural on the big screen, hell’s yeh !!!!

  • Defiantone2008

    Oh HELL TO THE YEEESSSSS!!!!! I’ve been waiting to see SPN in theatres since I started watching! Thanks for the awesome article!!

  • Wusel

    it would be nice if there was a movie. this would be a perfect showdown for the series with all the remaining characters. and after that, it should stop. when i was watching swan song, i thought it was a good ending – i’m happy that it continued – but i think, it’s sad that they still suffer a lot…

  • Megan


  • KourtneyAnne

    I would LOVE IT!! They need to do it. NEED TO

  • ITA with everything you said. I would love to see Supernatural on the big screen. But not at the cost of losing the series. Every series that moved from TV to big screen had to be cancelled first.
    But yes, Supernatural on the big screen would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I  just hope that in the unlikely event this ever happens,  Sera Gamble isn’t allowed anywhere near it.

    • Ladydedlok

      Profane, why?  I have Series 1 to Series 6 on DVD, so I can go back and watch them again to see what you mean, and whether or not I agree, if you could elaborate?  Thanks.

  • Rallia_dreamer

    Please get in charge of Supernatural’s ending! I LOVED your idea of a series finale bang, wrapped up through a follow-up EPIC movie! :’) If only…
    And I got no serious problem with Sera Gamble, but I certainly wish if such a thing happens that Kripke will be in charge of every single thing in the movie. The guy is a GOD!

  • Anonymous


  • C Humphries

    I like the idea of an tie-up movie after the show ends, where the boys finally get their happy ending. Because you know the show will never give them that.

  • Jo

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Mlvarcticcat

    Definitely. From what I have read I think that many underestimate how large the fan base is for the Winchester story. If Twilight can be a success on the big screen, and let’s face it a few of the performances in these movies were a bit iffy in a few places, then surely a movie based on Supernatural with Jensen’s and Jared’s amazing ability to flawlessly convey their characters would be a success. But I do think Castiel would need to be brought back by God again to ensure the movie’s appeal to a wider demographic.

  • Mlvarcticcat

    Definitely. From what I have read I think that many underestimate how large the fan base is for the Winchester story. If Twilight can be a success on the big screen, and let’s face it a few of the performances in these movies were a bit iffy in a few places, then surely a movie based on Supernatural with Jensen’s and Jared’s amazing ability to flawlessly convey their characters would be a success. But I do think Castiel would need to be brought back by God again to ensure the movie’s appeal to a wider demographic.

  • Thea Pierce

    There have been times when the season has ended that I just didn’t know where they would go next.  But as of yet, they still surprise me with even more impact each season.  I know that all good, (not to mention phenomenal, because ‘Supernatural’ is), shows must come to an end, but I must say I truly hope the show gets renewed for another season.  There are still many aspects of the supernatural that could be looked at.  I am still open to a big bang ending when the time comes and hope that we would get to see more that just 1 big screen ‘Supernatural’ movie!

  • Anonymous

    Great article! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I would be if Supernatural ever got made into a film. The squeeage would be epic. 

  • Sandy

    Since the show has been on the air for seven seasons, the hard part with a movie would be striking a balance between providing enough backstory to bring general audiences up to speed, yet not boring long-time fans to death with information they already know (“Hey, Sam, remember how that demon killed our mom, and our dad raised us to save people and hunt things?”). If they don’t make the movie accessible for general audiences, it won’t be commercially viable what with the show averaging under 2 million viewers per episode this year, yet the fans are the ones guaranteed to be planting their butts in theater seats (possibly more than once if the movie’s any good).

  • I would LOVE to see a Supernatural movie! I would see it multiple times. Then I’d buy the dvd for myself and for everyone I know!

  • bjxmas

    ABSOLUTELY! With McG as an Executive Producer, I thought I’d heard he told Kripke he’d help it get made when Eric was ready.  I too want many more seasons of the TV show, it’s hard to pass up the Winchesters in my living room every Friday night!  But when the time comes and we have our last episode, then they most definitely should take the franchise to the Big Screen and show us what the show can look like with a big budget!

    Jensen and Jared will bring the charisma, talent and passion of the Winchesters and we’ll be off on another adventurous ride in our beloved Impala.  Supernatural is a franchise event if there ever was one.  Long live the Winchesters!

  • Whitetailxtreme

    i sure hope so i own all the seasons that are out i hope they keep going for a little while longer at least

  • When I dream big, a Supernatural movie always makes the list.  Hears hoping someone with the clout to get a movie made sees the same things we see in the series.  

  • I admit to being a big fan of Supernatural, and Dean’s sexy black Impala! As long as Jared and Jensen are up for it, I say throw a film in the mix! I want to see Dean open up on some demon without the FCC standing over his shoulder saying that’s a “naughty” word, you can’t SAY that! Haha!

    Keep the show going folks, obviously the fans want it. Here’s to seven more seasons!!

  • Camilledavros

    I’m ready to leave the series. What the writers have done with Castiel was horrible. And it was mostly Deans fault. If Dean Sam and Cas don’t work things out, I don’t think I could watch the series, let alone want to watch it.
    A Supernatural movie!?!?! no just no! nononononononononono! not in less Cas is in it, and is treated better then he was during, the really really bad, season 6. I cry every friday already, I couldn’t stand crying in the movies to.
    SAVE CAS!!!!!

  • Xfiles had a great between-seasons movie that brought in new viewers like me.  Why not Supernatural?

  • We need a Supernatural movie just because Dean Winchester needs to be able to curse like you KNOW he does. That would be glorious. Not even Al Swearengen could do cursing the kind of justice Dean could. You know what I’m talking about. 

  • Ginmorris777

    I Love Jensen Ackles & all the other characters in Supernatural!!!   I hope there are more seasons planned!!!

  • SJ

    Hell to the yeah!

  • Anndymoreno18

    I do think there should be a movie because if it is anything like the show it will be perfect.

  • ABSOLUTELY WE WANT A MOVIE MADE OF SUPERNATURAL!! The more we get to see of the brother chemistry the better!! While I do agree that the show would need a movie to complete the series, I disagree that there would need to be only ONE movie… Why not have some in – between Seasons movies as well as a couple of movies when the series is over – which I hope doesn’t happen for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!! :D Long Live Kripke, Jensen, Jared, and the Cast and Crew (both past and present) of Supernatural!! :)

  • Kelios

    I definitely still want a Supernatural movie! Now that we’ve been confirmed for S10, I think a movie would be the perfect way to end the series–something bigger and better than the small screen allows. A proper send off for our boys after so many years of saving people and hunting things :)