Battle To The Death: Worf Vs. Chewbacca – Who Would Win?

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Chewbacca vs. Worf

We’re all sci-fi fans here. I think most of us have found ourselves caught up in one of those conversations. You know… Kirk vs. Spock. Enterprise vs. Death Star…. One of those. Well, the other day my buddy Ricky and I found ourselves in just such a heated debate. Topic? Who would win in a fight to the death, Worf or Chewbacca?

First, of course, we had to set the ground rules- this was to be hand-to-hand combat. No blasters. No bat’leths. This was to be a 100% weapons-free man-to-man, Wookie-to-Klingon brawl. Who do you think would win such a thing? Now, perhaps I am a bit biased, having been a die hard Trekkie my whole life… but I had to go with Worf.

Okay, so yes I know that Chewbacca is, like, 9 feet tall, and I know he’ll rip your arm off if you don’t let him win, but I’d really like to see him try and pull that crap on a Klingon.

So what if Chewie is big and strong?  He’s just a meathead pilot. And he doesn’t seem to be a particularly smart one at that. Now, I’m not saying he’s dumb by any means. I know it’s not his fault his species lacks the vocal capacity to speak Galactic Basic Standard, and that somewhere underneath all of that barking fur there is a reasonably intelligent, capable (not to mention LARGE) young man. And I know that in your everyday cantina-fight he’s a good guy to have around, but I still don’t think he could take Worf!  And do you know why? Well, I’ll tell you… Because, yes, Chewie may be a Wookie fighting for his life.  But Worf? Worf is a Klingon fighting for HONOR! And as a Klingon, honor is more important than life! Worf has more to lose. If Worf loses this fight he will bring dishonor not only to himself, but to his descendants, to his House, and to his son! And to do so would be a fate worse than death.

So, now we have a Wookie – basically Sasquatch with rudimentary language skills and a pilots’ license- pitted against a highly trained Klingon Warrior fighting for honor!  There is no way he would let the Wookie win.

And that’s just my opinion.  Like I said… I’m probably a little biased.  If you disagree you can feel free to let me know. I’m fully open to other ideas. (Even if they are wrong.)

  • Mike_lavender

    Chewbacca would win. he not only has the reach and strength advantage, but he is also waaaaaaaaayyy more intelligent than you give him credit for. He is the only reason the Falcon still runs, he is also a highly trained combatant. The reason why he hangs out with Solo in the first place is because he is honor bound, Solo saved his life so Chewie owes him a life debt. So I would say he is equally as honorable, if not more so. Also I would like to add that Chewbacca is several hundred years old and then for has loads more combat experience than Worf, as well as time to learn. So I give not only the combat card to Chewie, but the intelligence card as well.

    • David Jenson

      I think it’s more than a life debt for Chewie. I think a real friendship formed a bond between Chewie and Han and they became brothers. Thicker than thieves. Chewie consistently treats his friends as his most dearly beloved, and Han was without a doubt Chewie’s closest friend.

  • subwoofer

    Chewy- c’mon, let’s be real here- says the guy entering a sci-fi hypothetical discussion. Unless Worf is in heat or something, it is no contest.

  • Does Klingon honor stick to your fur?  Chewie for the win.

  • Ricky  6.5 minutes of Worf getting knocked around like a wussy.  Only way he could take Chewbacca is if he did some serious hair pulling.

  • As much as I love Worf, there is an entire trope that revolves around any new bad guy proving how bad he is by immediately beating up Worf. He is the punching bag for new physical villains on Trek. But Chewie? Sure, he gets captured once or twice, but he is not a foil. Worf has better lines (“I am not a merry man!”)… but Chewbacca wins the fight.

    • Ricky

      Personally, I think all of Chewie’s chirps and coos trump Worf’s lines any day.

  • Both characters being the intelligent and honorable men (wookies… klingons… whatever… ) that they are, they would realize that there’s no reason for them to fight and would both shake hands before taking down a common enemy. Of course, if there were a reason that forced them to fight to the death… Worf would take Chewie.

    • Ricky

      Double Dragon man…. Double Dragon.

    • David Jenson

      For reals, they would see each other as good guys and respect each other.

  • Brian

    I think the author’s knowledge of the Worf character far surpasses his knowledge of Chewbacca, or he would know that Chewbacca (and most Wookiees as a race) fights for honor as much or even more so than Worf. His honor is what keeps him loyal to Han Solo (whom he swore a life deb to). His honor is what keeps him loyal to the Alliance. What does Worf do? He fights for the Federation. Which has thousands of star ships and millions of troops. They *are* the “Galactic Empire” in his universe. What does Chewbacca do? Risks his life every day for the good of the galaxy, fighting an impossibly large tyrannical force.

    Not to mention, in Star Wars canon, it takes no less than a MOON STRIKING A PLANET to kill Chewbacca, after he feverishly helped safe hundreds of lives evacuating people. He gave his life to save innocent strangers, years after the Galactic Civil War was over.

    Worf, as much as I like him, is no match for Chewbacca in any arena.

    • Hey, who you callin’ a “he”? ;)  Yes. You’re right, I have always been a Trek girl at heart and as such i do know alot more about Worf than Chewbacca…. I’ll need a bit to assimilate this new information lol

      • Brian

        Oh, very sorry >.< That's me not doing *my* research hehe

    • David Jenson

      I’d say the federation is closer to the old Republic than it is to the first galactic empire. The federation is on a mission of peace. I honestly don’t see Chewie and Worf wanting to fight each other to the death. Wookies are a bit more peaceful than klingons and Worf has the distinction of being raised by humans, which parallels him to Aragon, the human king raised by elves. Worf’s heart alone will not let him fight the Wookie unprovoked.

  • Wouldn’t Chewie be able to use his teeth and claws? (Check out Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars Canon). If so, that would give the wookie the edge.  Both are honorable, both are powerful (although Chewie is stronger), and both know how to fight. 
    This would be one heck of a match! Good job!

  • David Jenson

    Chewie is no meathead pilot, he’s also a mechanic, electrician, engineer, and tinkerer. I’d like to see Chewie in a contest against geordi laforge on who can repair a ship single handedly faster. They would have to get ships that neither of them are well versed in to make it fair.

    • Trent

      Geordi knows his warp drive like the back of his hand. Repairing a ship is only a matter of time for LaForge, considering he wouldn’t have a problem building one. Chewie may be able to repair his own ship, but let’s be completely honest, Star Trek is MUCH more realistic than Star Wars even tries to be.

      • David Jenson

        That’s because Star Trek was meant to be realistic and Star Wars was meant to be a fantasy. You’re right but it is a little unfair to sum chewie up as a jock

  • Holyfrog

    Just like a woman to think that when the bear walks into camp that she will win the fight to the death because she is protecting her family. Honor has nothing to do with it. Chewy wins because he is a Grizzly and Worf is Walker Texas Ranger.