High Hopes For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Terra Nova’

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The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction. In an effort to save the human race, scientists develop a time machine that is capable of transporting humans 85 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth. Terra Nova, is the first human colony settled on the other side of a temporal wormhole. As with many Science Fiction shows, the dangers inherent in setting up housekeeping in prehistoric times come into play.

Star Trek’s Brannon Braga is the Showrunner. Producer Steven Spielberg should be a large draw for a mainstream audience, making Terra Nova a safe bet for at least 2 seasons if not more.

The series is based on an original idea by Kelly Marcel, a British writer and actress. ‘Terra Nova was expected to premiere in May 2011 with a two-hour sneak preview, but due to the time consuming special effects involved, the pilot was eventually moved to the fall of 2011 to air together with the rest of season one.

Terra Nova features Jason O’Mara as Jim Shannon, Stephen Lang as Commander Nathaniel Taylor, a pioneer and leader of the settlement. Shelley Conn also stars as Elisabeth Shannon, a trauma surgeon and Jim Shannon’s Wife. Landon Liboiron plays Josh Shannon, the 17-year-old son of Jim and Elisabeth and Naomi Scott stars as Maddy Shannon, the first daughter of Jim and Elisabeth. Other stars in the series include Allison Miller as Skye, Mido Hamada as Guzman, the head of a security, and Christine Adams as Mira.

Terra Nova, from what I have read thus far, may prove to be a welcome addition to any Sci-Fi fans rotation of television viewing. The show’s crew built a massive outdoor set for the Terra Nova colony in Australia. What that means is, the set is real, not CGI, which allows more time to get the creatures right. The special effects should be top notch, making my fellow Geeks very happy. Also, the drama and writing should carry everyone else and take Terra Nova to staggering heights in the ratings game.

It has been called “a very ambitious series” for network television, and if ‘Terra Nova’ lives up to the hype, we may have a winner on our hands! Steven Spielberg’s ‘Terra Nova’  premieres Monday, Sept. 26 on Fox. See the trailer below!

In this next video, you’ll see interviews with Jason O’Mara, Shelley Conn, and Stephen Lang; Executive Producers Brannon Braga and Aaron Kaplan; and Director, Alex Graves. And as if that wasn’t enough, we get a glimpse at some amazing location shots, special effects and some of the creatures we’ll see.

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  • JKE

    ‘Terra Nova’ should add ET’s. It could be in a similar fashion to Julian May’s Pliocene Saga books. Without alien technology and antagonists, the show won’t have much mystery to it. Another option is to have humans from the far future travel back in time, bringing technology that is more advanced that what the settlers have.

    • Matthew Wood

      I love the ET idea, be nice to see some fictional fusion of the Ancient Aliens deal (or maybe we should call the Jurassic Aliens :P) with people who originated from our future. And I’ve been wondering about this myself, what mystery will there be in this show? Unless the choice of time to colonize IS going to be our big mystery.

      • Dirk Van Tilborg

        I like the “Jurassic Aliens” handle, but wouldn’t that be “Sleestaks”? ;)

        • Matthew Wood

          Haha! Why not eh?

    • Ze

      Josh I think humans from the far future traveling back in time would be a great story line! I’m excited to see where this goes because I feel like Matt…I have to wonder where the mystery will be with all of it.

  • Looks promising but I will be watching closely to see how or if they answer the question “why 80 million years ago?” you’d think going back about oh, 100,000 years would have been plenty and saved a heck of a lot of trouble :)

    • Right? At the very least, the settlers would have a better chance at not being eaten alive. But then again, what would our antagonist be?

    • Ha… like you have time for TV.

    • JKE

      Good point, Jesse, though 100,000 years ago is not a good time either, at least for the northern hemisphere in the grips of an ice age.

      • So what are you implying here, Josh? Further back in the Paleozoic perhaps? Like say, Devonian or Silurian where no large mammals or reptilians existed yet? And what happens even in the targeted Terra Nova timeline when the meteor strikes? How would they prepare for that?

        • The main things is that they don’t take any cats back. It would be a shame to have our remote ancestors ‘taken out for lunch’.

        • JKE

          Perhaps that would be a good plot for the show: using alien or advanced human technology to prevent the asteroid strike.

      • way too many “what ifs” lol… if they were able to stop the meteor, that would very likely have a significant impact on the course of global evolution. A massive alteration of events like this would really change everything, quite possibly even leading to the colonists never existing in the first place.. which would prevent them from going back in time in the first place which would prevent them from stopping the meteor which would keep things as they are which would allow them to exist once again and therefor travel back in time, once again stopping the meteor and preventing their own existence… its like the song that never ends  :)

        • Thanks Jesse… I have a headache now… so, everybody say “thanks, Jesse!” 

          hahaha! I loved this comment! I’m happy to be a part of it!! ;)

    • The portal is naturally occurring and they found it by accident.  They
      were only able to expand it and build the facility around it, and they
      can’t pick and choose where in time to go.   We have more in depth answers to other questions like this on our site.

      • JKE

        In that case, adding aliens to the story is the best option. I’m glad the time travel has a limited scope. Traveling backward in time is scientifically impossible, and it may never be possible. However, if it’s an alternate universe that evolved differently from our own universe — and it just appears that the group traveled back in time — that is more plausible.

  • Cannot wait for Terra Nova to begin!

    • And WE cannot wait to watch it WITH you! :) Thanks everyone for all the great comments, quite a bit of the old, “Food for Thought” in here!

  • JKE

    Who wants to join a campaign that asks FOX to add aliens from another planet to the show? The aliens should have complex behaviors. Some befriend the humans while others are more hostile.

    • Where do I sign up? haha I’m all for it, and it may be in the “Pot ‘O’ Idea’s’ already, we don’t really know! I’m excited for this one!

    • Theodore woolen

      Josh, aliens would just turn terra nova from an awesome semi plausible show to a complete bull s*^# unrealistic show. And besides Stephen Spielberg has made plenty of alien movies.