DC Universe Online Sets Release Date – 1/11/11

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Sony Online Entertainment and DC Comics’ comic book- themed MMO is set to release on January 11th, 2011. DC Universe Online will be available on the PS3 ($59.99) and PC ($49.99).

The first 30 days will be free followed by a $15 monthly subscription. A one-time $199 lifetime subscription is also available.

DC Universe Online allows players to create their own custom DC-style hero or villain and then team up with their favorite characters.

Video trailer via GameTrailers.com.

  • crow

    I wonder how this will play out. WOW gives you a lot of achievements and incentives to level with better gear etc. I wonder how this game will work in that sense..How will you level up etc? Will you be able to open up new abilities etc?

    • Anonymous

      This is all the current info that’s available to the public regarding gameplay rewards –

      “Unlike traditional massively multiplayer games, physics-based combat allows the player to engage in dynamic fighting scenarios with a variety of options available based on the powers of a player and opponent. For example, if I have ice-based powers, I can freeze an enemy in an ice block and hurl him at my opponent. ”

      “Players will retrieve items from boss characters they’ve defeated, with their own stats and boosts. The player can either affix them to their character and wear them in game, click “Add Funds” and follow the on-screen directions or simply keep them in inventory but utilize the benefits they provide. We want to make sure that players who’ve invested the time in making their character look cool can keep them that way throughout the game. “

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of a one-time lifetime subscription fee, but $199 is too much to ask for a new game. Many of these games sputter and burn out in a year or so; I’d feel dumb for buying a lifetime membership until I had the feeling the game was going to be around for a while.

    The game, with it’s Jim Lee inspired visuals, looks beautiful. Here’s hoping it’ll be fun as hell.

  • this would be a great movie if expanded

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