Welcome to ScienceFiction.com, your final destination into other worlds. Here at ScienceFiction.com you’ll find your favorite movies, television shows, games, books, comic books, and technology all from your point of view – the fans.

Like you, we would be here participating even if we didn’t work here because science fiction is in our blood. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best news, reviews and interviews about science fiction and fantasy. On top of that we’ll also be bringing you on-set interviews, Top 10s, creator Q&As and much, much more.

You may notice some of our articles are dated back over the past thirty days when our soft launch date was December 22, 2010. That’s because we’ve been compiling content in preparation for this special day and wanted to open up with a wealth of information right off the bat. We are just getting started here and are open to any questions, feedback or even ideas for topics you want to share or discuss.

So step aboard our starship and enjoy the ride!

Update: ScienceFiction.com launch covered by TechCrunch.com.