The Tick

Amazon has finally released a trailer for ‘The Tick’ Season 2, and from the look of things, the show seems to have really found its groove, though Season 1 was by no means a slouch, being very entertaining all by itself. With seemingly all the principle cast returning for the sophomore season, ‘The Tick’ picks up with Arthur fully committing to being a superhero, much to the pleasure of the Tick, who cannot wait as he claims “I have been itching to hone that danger reflex of yours.”

Meanwhile, a whole new slew of villains and heroes have been springing up in the city following the defeat of The Terror, which brings back the group AEGIS to register and organize the heroes (as viewers of the series know, AEGIS originally left town when the Flag Five were defeated by The Terror, thinking no heroes remained). As for the villains, there seems to be a number of new and colorful characters to contend with, though it appears the primary villain may be Miss Lint, who looks even more powerful this time around, and may or may not have acquired some kind of super suit to enhance her powers.

The trailer revels in the action comedy vibes of the series, alternating between fight scenes and wacky comedy, which really is the bread and butter of ‘The Tick.’ Still, the show has smart writers and a mythology behind it which Season 2 is sure to further explore, and some enduring mysteries including why the Tick’s costume continues to change, as in the trailer he appears to be back in the simple blue, non-armored version of the suit we saw last season. Maybe a fan of the franchise knows more than me about why this occurs, but I’m hoping it gets talked about more during the series itself.

Will you be back to check out ‘The Tick’ on Amazon when its 10 episode Season 2 premieres on April 5th? What are your thoughts on the trailer? Check it out for yourself and feel free to share your opinions below!


Source: EW